Posting and You

Posting and You…

Mandatory viewing for all :wink:


ahh… lil’ billy reminds me of me :slight_smile:

U were the model for billy :stuck_out_tongue:

Kewl !

I actually added a link to this in my NEC FAQ awhile ago!
Link in sig. :smiley:

Edit: Hmmm looks like my old link was dead.
Updated with Da_Taxmans’ new link. Thx!


We should add a link to that in our rulez!!!

lol :smiley:

Taaaaaaaaaaaax! I saw this a month a go!

Tax is a working girl and as such is excused for being a little slow :wink:

I thought we agreed that you’d keep my last operation a secret…

and added to sig.

wowaweewa, your sig is getting big! :eek:

ben :slight_smile: