Posted in wrong place before? DVD drive won't open

I think I posted in the wrong place just now - I am very new to the forum, which Google found for me.
Here is my question-
(BTW PC World are being cvery unhelpful, saying they’ll need tot ake the computer away to fix it. As I’m disabled I can’t do without PC and also need disc drive which I use constantly).

I have a new packard bell computer (running Win 7) and the DVD drive is ATAPI (according to the bit I looked up in the properties!). I’m not awfully computer literate - one of the Silver Surfers!!
I tried the paper-clip trick but as the drive is buried inside a door and as the tray only came out about 1/2" I couldn’t get hold of it. At first it worked by shooting in and out very quickly and I had to grab it to get a disc in or out, but now it won’t open at all. There is no disc in it at present (I don’t think!!).
Many thanks for any advise. Pollyanna

You already posted in the right place :slight_smile:

Just be patient and give people time to read your question :wink:

It is not needed to open more threads. If you need assistance, it is sufficient send a message to a moderator :slight_smile:

Finding moderators is easy: click here and look at the right column. All colored users are the staff people. Click on one of them and send a private message explaining the problem :slight_smile: