Postal 2

Hello All,

I have try burning a copy Postal 2 to a image file with a Sony CD-RX (CRX160E) & Sony CDU5221 drive, with Nero ver. 5.5.8 and Alcohol 120% ver. software. And all I have been getting is disk read errors using both softwares. With Alcohol I had the data Type set to: Safedisc 2.

What am I doing wrong? Or can you burn postal 2? And how can you?


If the protection is error based then a log full of errors is normal on the read. Be patient.

Your Sony may be able to write the backup.

Depending on which version you have it’s:

  • Postal 2 SecuROM
  • Postal 2 (UK) SafeDisc 2.90.040

Try BlindWrite or Alcohol120%, but first use ClonyXXL2.0.1.5 to identify which protection is on your disc.

Well ClonyXXL tells me the CD is SafeDisc2.9.
I have try making an image and then burning image in Sony CRX-160E, Asus 5224a, and Plextor drive. Using Alcohol, using the data type set to Safedisc2. Altough they copied over successfully and Install ok. Go to run the game I get error.

So I am going to use Blindwrite, to see if that will work. My question though is are there any settings I should know about?


Install from the orginal.
Try playing from a CD/DVD-ROM.
Hide the Media Type if playing from a burner.