Postal 2 protection (SafeDisc/SecuROM) imcompatible with CD readers

I just posted the article Postal 2 protection (SafeDisc/SecuROM) imcompatible with CD readers.

On the technical support site of Postal 2 we can read that a couple of
users have reported problems when reading their original game CDs due the copy
protection used on the game. Users on our…

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updating the cdrom drivers??? hmm…we can still do that…in xp??

There’s a cheaper solution than buying a new cd-rom drive… it would be using a no cd patch… But one can not condone that! :B One more contradiction of cd protection if you ask me… Just my $0.02
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Simple solution. If you’ve got that game, return it and get your money back. If everybody would return their copy protected games for compatibility reasons, they’d have to give up on copy protection. A copy protected CD is a product with intentional defects, and should never be accepted.

i think they meant ‘update your firmware’ … [in case the manufacturer fixd a few bugs]

Nobody should have to flash there CD firmware because some asshole copy protection does not work. Not only do we pay for the cost of the protection when buying the CD but they want us to service and maintain their crap/shite protection. ASK FOR YOUR MONEY BACK.

If a copy protection refuses to work on all cd-rom drives then it must not be following the cd specification, thus they may be forced to release a patch which removes the protection. Remember Neverwinter Nights incident ?


It seems a patch, er, I mean, “fix” is already available for this problem from those nice people at megagames!

How do you fix something when it wont let you install it. Matrix on the Pc has stopped a few people installing the game with the same error

So now they “protect” us from even reading the discs. I think this copy protection thing has gone too far.

I say hassle the retailer/publisher/producer just as long until you get a working (=not protected) disc. They do that with audio protections, right?

This just about sums it up-cd companies are more concerned with protecting there discs than making sure that the product that they are selling to the consumer is worth the hard earned cash you have to pay.when will they learn?if the product is good people will buy it…footnote no matter how hard you try some one will crack the protection. so take the crap back demand your maney back and make a stand and refuse to by anymore discs from the offending company .they will soon change there mind when they are not selling any off there games

If it is safedisc 2, DAEMON tool safedisc emulation helps also to allow an original to work !! I know that because a long time ago I saw that safedisc 2 ORIGINAL games were not compatible with one of my cd reader !!! :slight_smile:

>> THE LIMIT FOR COPYPROTECTION IS REACHED No. It has been reached long ago. To be more exact, in August 2002, when Neverwinternights suddenly didn’t work on many drives after a patch which tried to update the protection. We are far beyond the point of “reaching” a limit.

Me> Excuse me, this game doesn’t work, the publisher said to return it to the store Store> Ok, here is a new copy of-- Me> No, you don’t understand, the game itself doesn’t work Store> I’m sorry but we don’t take back software Me> But-- Store> No, sorry So stupid… and I never see software companies give any usefull tips like I mean, all the games that I buy, I will crack. Even if it’s only for not having to put int he bloody game cd every time I want to play for a few minutes!

Hi, I ve got the same prboblem with The Sisms Superstars that i bought 4 my little sister… When installing it there s no prob, but when trying to play “it s not the good CD, please insert it and retry again…” I lost my money cuz the store don t want to take it back (even if they agreed to change it but the new one doesn t work too…) I m very very angry…:frowning: :frowning: :r If someone has a tip (i ve got all the last firmwares) i would be very glad!!

Typical copy-protection crap problem… If you have eDonkey or a similair P2P program, you’ll be able to find some cracks if you search for “sims superstars crack”. Not only do legitimate customers get screwed over like this, but are also unable to make legit backups of their games. And it’s stupid because the real software pirate laughs at the latest incarnation of Securom or Safedisc and has a warez version 2 hours later.

You are perfectly within your consumer rights to return a product that does not work as advertised. It’s ‘Not fit for purpose’. You can take them to court over that. NEVER let a shop fob you off like that. Contact your local consumer rights organisation and explain the problem is this occurs. They will give you instructions on how to proceed in obtaining a refund.

Try using some Emulation Software like Daemon Tools :wink: