Post your worst media scans here!

Please post Your worst CD/DVD quality scans here. This is my Esperanza DVD+R (AML 001) scan after 11 months of laying in closet, DVD barley used:

HOLY SH!!! my worst dual layer; ‘tuffdisc’ - RITEK D01;

Rescan that same dvd, only change your scan speed to 5X. That will give a more realistic scan from your NEC drive.

Realistic? What do you mean? :confused:

'Standard" scanning speeds are useful to compare scans, but when it’s awful, it’s awful! 8X, 5X or 12X or 16X, even 1X will all be awful! :bigsmile:

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Wasn’t there some guy on here in the Bargain basement bragging about how AML was almost on par with TY? :rolleyes:

Its not me, and im not saying AML is on par with TY. Far from it.

But i get some great results with AML 002 media. Never tried 001 though

Sugarmommyst, IIRC (yes, I have a very long memory, and too much time on my hands :rolleyes: ).

I’d post my worst scan now, but it will have to wait for the uploads to come back up.


The absolute worst scan I have personally seen was with Taiyo Yuden 4x -R media on my LG 4167 here:


Oh…my …God :eek:

Saying that, haven’t there been posts about the 4167 with TYG01? I’m sure other members have had similar experiences…

The maximum possible PIE/PIF value is 1664 PIE / 208 PIF when scanning at 8/1 ECC (unless the drive reports incorrectly).

So there’s still room for a worse scan - but not much room. :doh:

You mean like this? :bigsmile: :wink:

wow, franck, it looks like you did it in some graphic software :wink:

Yeah, I know :bigsmile: - several causes to this:

  1. It’s a quick scan (50 samples) so the error figures are shaped differently than in a “normal” scan.
  2. It’s a NEC scan, and NEC drives report PIE in a very strange way (not complying with the theory of max. 1664 PIEs, like [B]DrageMester[/B] mentioned)
  3. It’s a G05 :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

I don’t think I can re-scan this disc, it’s probably unreadable now. I think I still have it somewhere in the basement, among the 10-12 spindles of G05/G04 that I had to re-burn last year (and that I kept out of curiosity - degradation rate - testing purposes). I’ll check.

P.S. Long time no see, Sonoluca :slight_smile: - nice to have you back!

It’s indeed unreadable, but still “scannable”…

No way to calculate any “room for improvement ( :bigsmile: ) here”: Benq scans don’t include PIF levels in PIE levels like LiteOn drives and CATS do, so they’ll never report averages of 1664 (the high spikes are glitches, as it’s often been demonstrated). One has to add PIE and PIF to get the “real” PIE levels in Benq scans. But honestly, when a scan looks like this, who cares… :doh: :rolleyes:


This is not great

BTW anyone recognise the MID?

Well, I didn’t burn this one, but this is the worst disc I’ve scanned. Burnt with a rebadged AOPEN (Microadvantage something)


Yes, the 4167B (DL11 and above) have a problem with TYG01. DL10 was ok but isn’t available for download anywhere. It seems LG sacrificed 4x burn compatibility for better 8x and 16x burns with those later versions of firmware.

RicohJPN R01 burned at 4x on BenQ 1620 with B7U9 firmware in May 2005:

No recent re-scan as disc was trashed. The only disc out of several hundred to burn this poorly, all the rest were acceptable.

Taiyo Yuden T01-01 burned at 4x on BenQ 1620 with B7W9 firmware in Febuary 2006:

Re-scanned a few days ago in a Lite-ON 1635S:

Again, another freak disc. Out of a total of 600 discs, only 2 have given results like this, all the rest were acceptable.

You said acceptable and not excellent, so I believe that it was the QC slipping or your burner doesn’t have the right strategy. Time for firmware downgrade! :wink:

VDSP-SAB 01 sounds like Vanguard to me.