Post your WORST BenQ scan here :-)

OK, I just managed to copy an old, severely damaged disc to my HD… The ‘remaining’ time fluctated like a leaf in a november storm.

As a strange way of entertainment, I made a Nero quality scan of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Please feel free to post your ugly scans here. One rule: the disc must still be readable :slight_smile:

I find it hard to believe the disc will play
with that many PO errors, let alone
the PIF’s. :disagree:

Here are 2 I posted before, both burnt on BenQ 1620:

The T01 is still readable AFAIR.

I wouldn’t take all the scans too serious. There are combinations of media and drives that doesn’t match. In my case it’s an BenQ 1640 in connection with Samsung Pleomax (OPTODISC0R8). IMHO the scan shows rubbish as the disc is playing fine on several players without any problems.
A look at the benchmark for the same disc confirms this.

Cu Rippraff

The error message usually happens when you haven’t
ejected the disc after burning and before scanning.
Your scan also shows you were multitasking during
the scan. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t the case, I never scan the media right after burning. Actually I’m not sure if I’ve burned this one with the BenQ, I guess it’s one of my old LG 4120B burns.

Your scan also shows you were multitasking during
the scan. :slight_smile:

Why do you think that? Only cause of the crazy speed indication? In fact I wasn’t multitasking.

Cu Rippraff

Those crazy variations in scanning speed
are usually caused by something else
using CPU resources…

They also happen with really terribly burns. You can see one of my examples here.

And they happen as well when the drive can’t handle the media.

Cu Rippraff

hmm got to post mine… the worst of the worst burn i have ever burnt successfully… the thing is, my pioneer dvd player can play the video from beginning till end without skipping or error…

the media is probably using fake media code and it’s very cheap ($4.40/25pcs) … got it from a friend who ask me to try the media…