Post your work area



I just seen a post by Jimbo and he posted a picture of his computer area,it was spotless ,now my work area ,namely my office is a pig pen as seen below.
So what does your work area look like clean or a mess.


So I guess a formal desk picture is in order. To the left is a Q9550 rig, formerly known as the Randomly Rebooting Rig, that I inherited from my brother in law. I have two Acer 23" monitors set up in a dual monitor rig. Depending on what I"m doing I either have both attached to the Dell or one monitor for each computer. The Dell Inspiron 620NHBK i5 rig is to the right. Underneath are Cisco cable modem and wireless routers, along with a Gigaware soundsystem my g/f gave to me.

But I have cheated. I use the two drawers to the right for computer related things, including, yes Christine, a drawer o’ tools. It’s not comprehensive by any manner but its enough for now. I would like to get a PSU tester and a allen wrench set for X-Mas. Along with a 3970K i7.


^What kind of headphones?

I have five sets right now.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2659166]^What kind of headphones?

I have five sets right now.[/QUOTE]

Those are Sennheiser HD280 Pro’s. I got them back when I DJ’ed in graduate school about 6 years ago. Very nice sound. It’s a good budget headphone.

I do have a pair of JBL 610 Reference headphones that are Bluetooth. Believe it or not they sound really good on Bluetooth. And they sound even better if I"m hooked up by wire.

Someday I’d like to get some better headphones, but its not a top priority right now. Maybe a pair of nice Grado’s or a top end Sennheiser.


Here are my work areas, or at least part of them…not too interesting though.


Work area I have not work area work is a bad word I never use. I have a few pay areas but no no no no work areas.




Nice wood working area Kerry ,bet you made those ear phone hangers,eh.

And nice cooling job zroom,bet it works,
did you guys clean up before you took the pictures

I’m looking like a real slob here,


Can’t say i have a normal work area. I got a laptop and that think pretty much works everywhere. Usually it’s on the couch.