Post Your Top 5 favorite Media for Benq1620

So what’s your top 5 favorite media for the Benq1620?

Im a noob, only tried Taiyo Yudens.

Then why mess with the rest of the media out there?

[joke]TYG01, TYG02, TYG03, YUDEN000T01, YUDEN000T02, YUDEN000T03 =P [/joke]

seriously… YUDEN000T02 (Fuji, Verbatim Pastel), TYG02 (Verbatim Pastel), MCC003 (Verbatim), MCC02RG20 (Verbatim), MCC004 (Verbatim)

Where can i get those Verbatim pastel with TYG MID? I’ve read that they are mcc for +R only.

Try based in the uk

Verbatim pastel pack of 5.

YUDEN000T02 (Fuji), MCC003 (Verbatim), MCC02RG20 (Verbatim), MCC004@12x (Verbatim), Maxell002 (Maxell)

TYG01’s & TYG02’s are better in my other burners (NEC’s & LG). My BenQ doesn’t seem to excel with TY -R media…any firmware. Others have had better results. :sad:

You might not like the speed (slower than +R) but how about quality ?

  1. MCC004
  3. YUDEN000T02
  4. TYG02
  5. MCC003

Cheap and perfect results :clap: .


I’m a quality nut…that’s what I don’t like. High PIE’s when scanned on my Liteons…look pretty good on my BenQ CDSpeed scans. They’re not coasters, by any means, just aren’t as good.

Which fw do you use?
I use those two discs exclusively, and finally settled on B7T9.

+R only here, verbatim mcc 004.
superb burn.

used to use cmc mag +r infinity’s but quality gone bad.

  1. Taiyo Yuden T02
  2. MCC 003
  3. Ritek G05 (I’ve been lucky?)

next to try: MCC004, maybe some Ritek G04… sticking with T02 and MCC003 for the stuff I care about.

How about LEAST favourite media? I’ve got a much bigger list there :slight_smile:

Which brand do you buy for the RICOHJPNR03?

I’m curious about that as well.

The 100 pack spindle of TYG01 DVD-R 4x that I bought from have been the best discs that the BenQ 1620 has burned so far, even better than T02 DVD+R discs. Every disc consistently scores 98 with CDSpeed. PIE are around 30,000, PIF around 100, total.

Edit Forget to mention they were only $28.80 shipped as well.

Ricoh-branded 16X DVD+R. I bought some disks here(Taiwan).
It cost a little more compared to Ricoh 4X/8X disks :wink:

I’ve searched the web and the only Ricoh branded I have found in the US are 4x (R01) and 8x (R02).
I burn the R01’s at 8x and the R02’s at 12x.

TYG02 and MCC 003 are the only two that make my cut-off. Sorry, I am too picky, all the others have too many errors.