Post your samsung ts-h552 quality scans here


Please post your dvd quality scans burned with samsung ts-h552 here.

My scans for dvd-r AN31 (very poor media) burned with ts-h552b :

AN31 burned at 2X

AN31 burned at 4X

AN31@Plasmon1A burned at 4X (strategy modified with ala42’s mcse)

AN31@SONY04D1 burned at 4X (strategy modified with ala42’s mcse)

did you use Kprobe with TS-H552B directly
or with Liteon drive
and can you test DVD+R too

I use ts-h552b.

I can scan dvd-r ,dvd+rw, i haven’t any dvd+r

wow , cool
didn’t know that this is feasible
I will download it and try it my self

DVD+RW RICOHJPNW11 burned at 4X with ts-h552b

after installing Kprobe 2.4.2 I can now scan and test DVD-R and DVD+R even with


I do not think the scans made with the 552B are accurate; Kprobe has been developed by and for liteon drivers. U can use other drivers to perform the scan, but the outcome is something not usable.

Try to use the DVDinfo pro Scan Utility, it fully support the 552B and the scans are reliable. If u have time, compare the two scans and look if they are the same.

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I tried dvdinfopro and the result is very different!?

For samsung drive i should use dvdinfopro or kprobe?
I suppose kprobe it’s not good for samsung drive?
Dvdinfopro it’s good or not?

the graph is similar but the value it’s lower then kprobe for PI

Well …

1 - Kprobe is Not applicable to other burners than Liteon. U can burn disks with every burner , but the DVD scans Must be performed with Liteon’s.

2 - Nero DVD quality does not support Samsung

3 - The last choice is DVD infopro, that is out today with a new release

I made a try with both kprobe and DVD info pro at max speed. The error profile is quite the same, but the Average value is less with Kprobe.

Anybody with a Liteon - Samsung combo can post a comparison ?


Bullshit !! This is just something people like you on some board come up with.

Samsung uses Mediatek chipset. K-probe uses specific comments for that chipset.
The performance difference between samsung and lite on drives is just the same as with 2 different lite On models.
So saying that you can’t use K-probe with samsung because it was invented by Lite On is completely incorrect.
It’s like this you buy a car does that mean you can only use the petrole from the store were you bought the car ? I don’t think so.

The difference between DVDinfopro and K-probe is there because they use a different methode. (sample size !)

game backup burnt at 8x, scanned with kprobe using h552b.
ok i think :wink:

the scan is very good but what is GA04??? it’s a modified, improved firmware or something else???

Nero CD/DVD speed 3.75 DOES work with the TS-H552B. No jitter reporting, however.

GA04 is the gateway version. :wink:

what is the difference between g04 and the standard (TSxx) versions ??

I haven’t done a file compare, but I’d guess GA04 is roughly equal to TS08.