Post your Samsung SH-S183L scans here

Not a full burn but so far I think it’s good.
Burned with Nero 7
Taiyo Yuden 8x@8x firmware SB01
Batch GG000158 from

Wow. I’ll post my Verbatim MCC003 scan when I get home from work. It’s ugly.


I bought this drive today by mail order. I’ll have it in a couple days to try out. Hope i’m not disappointed.

What’s the deal with the TSST corp SW-S183L in first post. Shouldn’t it be TSST corp SH-S183L?

Just got mine out of the box. Here are the vitals:

<img src=“”></img>


1st burn. Burst Rate is 55 mbs :wink: This drive has Jan,2007 date and made in the Philippines.
TY03 from Rima Silver Shiny
Set for 18X burn but it burned @16 with Nero CD/DVD Speed
Not sure what to think about the TRT scan as i’ve never had a SATA burner before. This is my 1st Samsung!
Seems ok but not a 18X burn. I will test some more with it to see how it goes.

Anyone use LS discs with this drive yet? This is an OEM and i got no software for it. Where do you get free LS software?

Thanks ADDICT. So the only thing you maybe want to buy is Surething? Wonder if i can use Epson print CD labeler?

TY02 @8X
Slow 8X burn in my opinion but burned very well.

MCC004 @16X PAPA code 3rd burn
This media gives me problems with other drives when over speeding but will burn one @18X later and post results. my LG42N burns them perfect @18X.

MCC004 @18X PAPA code 4th burn
Seems this drive burns as well as my LG42N but is a little slower. 16 sec. to be exact. I think it’s a decent drive on my machine but would like to see more from other members here. I think i’ll keep this drive :slight_smile:

MCC 02RG20 @8X
5th burn
I’m glad i just use these to run tests with :bigsmile: and it could have been a bad disc in the 25 pk as they don’t usually burn this crappy.

Pardon my ignorance, but how do I post scans with my Samsung drive? Whenever I click on the Disc Quality tab in “Nero CD-DVD Speed”, the start button is always disabled so I can’t even start a disc quality test…

There’s a registry fix somewhere here at CDF’s for making it work with Nero CD/DVD Speed for Quality tests but you can still do Transfer rate tests and Create Disk with it. You can use Kprobe for scanning (although i have not tried it yet as i use my Lite-On) and you will find it in Lite-On forum.

Is the S183L the only drive you have?

It replaced a Plextor PX-716SA that I was using before. I couldn’t do any quality scans on that drive either.

Well try Kprobe to scan and see if it works for you. I’ll try one in a few here also.

I’m scanning the same disc from this post with S183L and Kprobe.

Here’s the scan so i don’t think the S183L is very good at scanning :frowning: Now i guess i’ll rescan in my Lite-On and post it again.

Well with my tests here the S183L is not a good scanner. Here’s same scan again with my Lite-On.

here ya go… what do you think?

How fast did you burn it? Looks good for a Samsung drive scan.