Post Your Samsung SH-S182M Disc Quality Tests Here


Please join me in sharing our Disc Quality Tests for this very good burner-

I posted some Verbatim 16x +R MCC004 and Tayio Yuden 8x +R T02 scans here:

Am now going to share my Verbatim 16x -R MCC03RG20 at 18x, 12x and 8x - and Taiyo Yuden 8x -R TYG02 at 8x

This is one of the best 18x Disc Quality Scans I have seen-eh!

I posted this in the Blank Media section… the Samsung 18x burn outdoes a Liteon 165H6S 16x burn on the same media (Verbatim MCC004):

This drive is easily the best $31 I ever spent!

MCC 03RG20 Not a full burn but still not to bad.
Scanned in the S182M and a LiteOn 1635S.

meh, I guess its okay for 18x, but my litey does way better with these G03s at 16x and 12x…I can’t wait to get some MCC004 tho :cool:

Anyone notice where their drive was made? I ask because I have a 182D that was made in the Philippines and it is bad. I may RMA it and get the 182M depending on where it is made.

just got mine today, its made in the philippines, august 2006

Verbatim 16x MCC03RG20 - Prodisc

I played around with the burn speeds, and 12x seems the best for this media.

Burn Speeds:

RICOHJPNR03 at 16x. I need to try this again at 12x.

Here’s a TYG02 (ValueLine) at 8x. Nice scan. The leadin time was 24 seconds, total time with ImgBurn was 8:20.

Here’s a couple Daxon AZ2 8x DVD+R media burned at 6x. The second scan was as nice as the first until the end when the PIFs began to pile up. Still pretty darn good though :smiley: .

TDK TTH02@16x :slight_smile:

The best burn of a Verbatim DL media I have made to date :bow:

Anyoen got better results with DL Verbs?

ALso, I am unable to upgrade to firmware SB02. The site removed the file. Which si the best firmware to use? I currently have the stock firmware SB01.

Here’s two CMC made MCC004 discs burned at 16x. Decent results. The jitter doesn’t look so hot though.

ExpertTech: You can grab the new firmware here:

This is typical for the jitter on these drive’s (182D, 182M, and DRU-830A) when burned at high speed and the scanned on a LiteOn. Burns at 8X or lower generally show jitter is better. I would love to see jitter results from a professional analyzer.

staples branded cmc E01@8x

not too shabby…high(er) pie & more pif before it shifts to CLV tho

Samsung SH-S182M SB02
Verbatim 16X DVD+R MID:MCC004 Product ID: 95098
Recorded at 18X with Nero CD DVD Speed’s (v4.60) Create Disc
Elapsed Time: 5:20

Love the S182’s and MCC004

Excellent scan toobad. I just love this drive.:slight_smile:

I am curious why the disc quality is around 95% despite a near perfect scan :confused: This should be more like 99%

Is it due to the jitter at the high speed writing?

It’s due to the max PIF of 2. It’s being scanned in a Mediatek chipset based burner. Max we want to see here is 4. Don’t get to hung up on the quality score. There is no basis for this rating in the DVD specifications. The author of this program came up with this to try to quantify burn quality. Almost useless IMHO.

Verbatim MCC004 - CMC burned at 18x w/ ImgBurn

It looks like this drive works better with 18x than 16x. The jitter looked a bit high scanning with the LiteOn, but looked ok with the BenQ. In any case, the TRT looked fine.

By the way, how are you folks burning at 18x with Nero? It’s only allowing me up to 16x with version Do I need to upgrade to something newer?