Post your Samsung SH-S182D results here



Yes it is only 4x CAV (I overlooked that haha)

Yeah that’s a great idea, I will post mine with a 8x and then either a 4x or 12x scan.


TY T03 Serial TH001333 burned at 18x 5:25


Verbatim MCC 004 burned at 18x.


Samsung SH-S182D / vSB03
MCC004 (Verbatim 16x DVD+R Injet Printable (CMC) burned at 18x in 5:28 mins

  1. Scanned in Samsung SH-S182D 8x CAV
  2. Scanned in BenQ DW1655 8x CAV


Verbatim MCC004 burned at 16x.


That’s a nice 18x :wink: Burn




Hi, I have the SH-S182M which I believe is the same thing but with LS… I can’t seem to get the drive to do any quality scans in nero or Kprobe…in Nero the start button won’t light up and in Kprobe the drive don’t show up when I pull down the tab…Can someone please help me?


You don’t need to double post :slight_smile:

Mine worked with Kprobe right away so maybe you need a newer version?, for cdspeed
you need to edit the registry…

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Toolkit\CD Speed\CD Quality]

Key “Blocked” delete strings Samsung and Tsxxxxx no delete all strings.


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KProbe will not display your drives if you have NVidia IDE drivers and ASPI both installed. :wink:

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Apparently I double posted? sorry if I did. I didn’t mean too. If I uninstall nvidia drivers will that affect my system negatively in any way?


No, it will work fine without the NVidia IDE driver.


Samsung sh-s182d fw:sb03 in external combo enclosure with chip PROLIFIC, connected via firewire.
Media: Traxdata dvd-r 16x
Mid: Ritekf1
Burn speed: 12x
Software: Sonic RecordNow 4.61


thanks for the help everyone…everything is working in kprobe now. I’ll post some scans later today, I have a few things built up to burn. Is windows registry edit 5.0 a program you have to buy? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Thanks


Is windows registry edit 5.0 a program you have to buy?
No, if you have Windows XP that is the Editor.


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To avoid showing “Etichetta” Go file > Opzioni > Qualita disco > & uncheck Mostrare etichetta disco. :iagree: :bigsmile:


I guess I’m alittle lost here…how do I get into where I need to be to edit the registry?


One more problem I would like to solve if I can… I can’t seem to set the booktype permanately…I can set it to -rom in nero cd/dvd speed but it only works for that burn. I also can get nero to change the booktype but thats not where I do most of my burning. I really want dvd decrypter to always burn -rom if I can.


It depends on the used firmware and it’s capabilities.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you use Nero 7 (so possibly Nero 6 is similar) you can use this method to Book Type permanently. See in 1st attachment Book Type Settings “Automatic”. Change this to DVD-ROM, see 2nd attachment. The result should be permanent & show up ae in 3rd attachment.