Post your Samsung SH-S182D results here



So then it may be so that “testguys” drive is not a good scanner.

See the thread here

@alan1476, do you remember the Date and where your drive was made?

My drive is Made in Philippines May 2006


Looking back that’s two guys whose drives were made in June that may not be good scanners.


The next time I take it out of the case I will tell you, I forgot to look when I installed them.


haha no big deal, and at my age if I don’t write it down even when I do
look at it I forget :doh:


Hi MegaDETH, at moment i don´t know if the SH-S182D here scans good or bad…i simply can´t make a direct comparison, because i have here @home only an additional “old” freebie-BTC, which is surely not qualified for scanning g. What i can say is that the drive is made JUNE 2006 / Indonesia. Got it on Friday and it seemed a good bargain (40 Euro) with the 12x DVD-RAM option, which is most important for me (backup & archival storage). The TDK 003´s seem ok for me. In some other boards i´ve read, that some users have also not so good results with those media on different drives (brands). On the BTC the TDK 003 performed quite good -> 1004IM/1008IM + TDK 003 (scanned with DVDInfo). kg_evilboy & H3rB3i gave me some good tips where to get new media from and i´ll soon fetch some newer ones including DVD-RAM of course. In the meantime i check some older ones, maybe it is also intersting for compatibility issues.


That would be really interesting!! Your drive was made in Philippines and we need to know about alan1476`s.
Maybe there´s a difference - but should it be? Or better asked, if it will be that way, what to do? I simply assume that many owners of a SH-S182D want to know about their burned media quality. And not all may have a good second writer in their rig solely for scanning their burns. So what, return the drive and change it towards a different brand, like the Pioneer 111 or a LiteOn? Any thoughts?


Yeah it’s a tough call, we really need some more data though on who has what


Drive - firmware: Samsung SH-S182D / vSB03
MID: Sony Branded 16x DVD-R TYG03
Burned with: Nero CDspeed
Burned at: 18x
Burn time: 5:22

First burn on a media seems to be a little slower, is the drive learning???

I will have to keep close tract of it…


…second that!!! Users with a Samsung SH-S182D, please post :slight_smile:
^^ above post: Written AND scanned with the SH-S182D? Awesome!


Yes but I suspect the burns will get better, just a guess.

My LG burned it even better and at 5:06 :slight_smile:

No time for more burns today though…


Verbatim 16X @ 18X. LiteOn, Benq, and Samsung scans.


Drive - firmware: Samsung SH-S182D / vSB03
MID: MCC-004 Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MIT-CMC)
Burned with: Nero
Burned at: 18x
Burn time: 5:27


Maxell RG03 burned at 8X using Nero 6
scanned by SH-S182D at 12X
Burner manufactured in Philippines July 2006
I’ve used these to back up files, that’s why they are 3.8Gb only.
I don’t have a second burner so I got a 3 pack of these broadcast quality DVD-R’s for $5 (on sale !) to see if they would do better than the TYG02 or Optodisc, but got very similar results. The fact that faster scans of the same disc detect fewer errors indicates that it’s a scanning problem “only”. :doh:


Nah - we´ve today returned the Samsung SH-S182D. The main reason for the return is plain simple: Other drives (brands) are said to deliver an min. equivalent writing quality as the Samsung SH-S182D does AND the user can scan the burns afterwards without the need for another drive. So we also don´t take a Pioneer or LG, ´cause in other threads those brands are said to miss that “feature” too. I´ll try a Lite-On and it should be adequate - good scans and burns.

Btw. i´ve made a very short compare of the media lists of the Lite-On SHM-165H6S, Pioneer DVR-111 and the Samsung SH-S182D with ala42`s Media Code Speed Edit The Samsung SH-S182D has a lot of supported media types, but where are the ones for DVD-RAM?? Or did i miss somthing?


I love this drive


SH-S182D fw: SB03
Media: dvd+r 8x Brand: Toprint mid: RITEK R03-02
burn speed : 8x
software: Gear Pro 7.0

the drive is in external combo enclosure with Prolific chip, connected via fireware.



i also love this drive for its single layer burn speed and quality but whats up with DL burning? Verbatim MKM001, the same discs that can be burned at 4X or higher on other drives maxes out at 2.4X on the SH-182D, wtf? :a Unless there’s a new firmware around besides SB03, performance still needs to be tweaked.


Ok I dont know what I am supposed to decipher from my S182M’s first scan. It was stock firmware SB01 :frowning:


Looks like a bad disc. Perhaps a scratch or dust particle. Maybe a dye defect. Try another or maybe a different type.



Several things-

-you have posted in the S182[I][B]D[/B][/I] area and should more properly have posted in the [B][I]M[/I][/B] thread

-your burn is terrible - check the recording side for scratches or other gunk - that big red spike isn’t going to give a very pleasant read-

-seriously consider using either Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media-eh!


Besides the TYG03 PIE total all looks good…