Post your Samsung SH-S182D results here



MiFlop DVD+R 16x@18x (TY – batch TH001333)


MiFlop DVD-R 16x@18x (TY – batch GH000125)


Maxell DVD-RAM 12x@12x (Without verify)


Maxell DVD-RAM 12x (Read)




RiDisc Xtreme DVD+R 16x@8x


18x for both +/-r disks; not bad…very good results


WoW, a lot of people dont like 16X TY media but this drive can take those TY to the next level. thanks Jan70 as always for doing a wonderful job


Sweet :slight_smile:
TY Jan :bow:

It’s interesting … that now we can once again burn discs faster than we can read them :wink:


Yes thankyou Jan70, for 31.99@ Newegg this drive certainly seems a bargain next to the Plex 760A.


SH-S182D burns fast, burns nicely, does many, many things well. But as far as I’ve been able to find out so far it doesn’t support bitsetting. For me that means it is only useful as a reader. I’ll keep using my Lite-on as my default burner because I need that DVD+R to DVD-ROM book type change.

If someone knows of a bios tweak utility or a way to change that, please let me know. But for now, if you need that feature in addition to whatever else the SH-S182D does, get something else.


I would love to invest in this drive and compare it to the only other 18X burner on the market (Plex760A), the difference in price is amazing and if the only difference is that Plextor comes with Plextools software, then this drive will be a hit. All that said, I do not know anyone that has this drive nor have I seen enough data for me to make a really informed decision. If anyone out there has both the Plextor 760A and the Samsung, I would love to see some comparisions. Thank you for all your help and feedback.


DVDInfoPro will allow bitsetting on any +R media to DVD-ROM with this drive.


Writing image test with TSSTcorpCD_DVDW_TS-H652D@CM00,
Mitsubishi DVD-R 16X@18X


Jan70 kindly pointed out that this SH-S182D thread for scans already existed, so I’ve removed the one I started and bumped this one. :wink:


Nice scans!!

I’m rewally afraid that my 163 works wonderfully but the verify after burning option gives crap… Oh jeez. Any comments?


It’d be nice to see the same discs from 1ECC scanners (liteys) scanned in an 8ECC scanner (benq’s), so everyone can compare easier.

I see alot of 16+ PIF@8ECC summing in those scans, which seems to be the defacto standard for 8ECC scanners :stuck_out_tongue:


Mitsubishi 16X DVD-R(MIT) ,TS-652D@CM00 18X Burn,Scaned with Liteon 160P6S,Benq 1655 and Plextor 716al.


crocjoe, very impressive result. :slight_smile: Can you please show me the transfer rate test in the S182D?


here is the reading test with TS-652D and Benq 1650.