Post your Samsung 18x scans here

Since the Samsung SH-S182D is one of the first 18x DVD burners I thought it would be fun to have a special thread to display the 18x burns from this and future 18x Samsung drives.

I can’t start off with a scan because I’m still wanting for my SH-S182D to arrive but please show us your scans, because I know there are lots of people interested to see them. :wink:

Some 18x burns can also be found in this thread.

A quick scan. Will post more soon.

Thanks VikArmo. FYI, you can set the max scale for the Nero graph in the options dialog (Standard test/Transfer rate/Maximum speed DVD).

I did not think this drive would scan with CD-DVD Speed, I mean Quality Scans for PIF,PIE etc.

I’m not sure about that. Will the registry hack allow this drive to do quality scans?

Ok, I am aware of the "Blocked drives " in the registry, but if this does work ( I can’t test it because I don’t have a Samsung) what ECC would you use to scan at?

Based on other MTK drives I’m picking it will default to ECC1. Scans from other Samsung drives indicate that Nero CD/DVD Speed uses ECC1.

Thanks. I forgot to do this as this is my first 18x drive, normally I just ignore this option!!

Yes, I was the same. The first time I made the LiteOn 1693S do an 18x burn it went of the top of the screen as well. :wink: