Post your Plextor 760 DVD quality scans here

Post your Plextor 760A/SA Quality scans here.
Please state the drive type, firmware revision, MID of the media used, software, burn speed and time if possible, Power record On/Off and Auto Stratagy settings. Stating the above info in your post will help others decide what media and drive settings are the best for them to use. Have fun.:slight_smile:

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CDFreaks Plextor 760A Review by Dee-27

Plextor 760A Review by hwp

Infiniti DVD+R 16x MID: PHILIPS-C16-1

Plextor PX-760SA 1.03
AutoStrategy: Auto (I created a full write strategy before burn)
PoweRec: On
Recording Speed: 12x
Burn time: 06:22

Verbatim MCC 004 DVD+R 16x (CMC)
Plextor 760A. TLA#0001 1.03 FW.
AS= Auto, PR On.
Burned @16x with Plextools.
Burn time 6:58.
TA tests. Inner=Very good, Mid=Good and Outer=Bad.
I don’t see a defect on the TE/FE scan so my guess is the spikes are caused by OPC.

Looks like AutoStrategy created a strat for that disc as it was burning, given the “deep” laser calibration shown and the relatively slow write time. I’ll bet your next disc will be faster and not have those spikes.

1200 PIF is about what to expect from Phillips-C16, although the TA test was literally very good with recording the pits/lands, so perhaps this mid burned at 12x is better than the PIF being reported. :confused:


Check out my posts starting here in the 755A thread. I’m getting that same PIE spike as you are, but AS didn’t create a strategy as there is already one in the AS database. Since firmware 1.04 for the 755 is the same as 1.03 for the 760 I wonder if it’s an issue there.

Interesting!! Looks exactly the same. I will fire off these two links to my Plextor contact and see what they say and if I get a reply I will let you know.:wink:

Unbranded TY DVD+R 8×
burned @ 8×
fw 1.03
PR/AS on

Verbatim MCC 004 DVD+R 16x (MIT)
Plextor 760A. TLA#0000 1.03 FW.
AS= Auto (did create), PR On.
Burned @16x with DVD Decryptor

Images: PI/PO - TA inner (5/5 excellent) - TA middle (5/4 very good) - TA outer (5/4 very good)

Highly recommended combination :iagree:

Impressive and I don’t think I have seen TA results that good on 16x burns before.

Yes. Must be one of the best 16x burns I’ve ever seeen. Could we get a Beta/Jitter scan of this one?

Unbranded TY DVD+R 8×
burned @ 8×
fw 1.03
PR/AS on

Beta/Jitter scan as requested

Very much appreciated and looking good! Thanks!

MAXELL 003 DVD+R 16x (MIJ)
Plextor 760A. TLA#0001 1.03 FW.
AS= Auto, PR On.
Burned @16x with Plextools.
Burn time 7:05.
Looks like TY and Verb have some competition.:slight_smile:

Nice result crossg. :slight_smile: adds MAXELL 003 to the wish list :wink:

Shouldn’t it be MAXELL003?

No it should be Maxell-003-000 :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:

Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD+R:MAXELL-003-000]

Disc & Book Type : [DVD+R] - [DVD+R]
Manufacturer Name : [Hitachi Maxell Ltd.]
Manufacturer ID : [MAXELL]
Media Type ID : [003]
Product Revision : [Not Specified]
Blank Disc Capacity : [2,295,104 Sectors = 4.70 GB (4.38 GiB)]
Recording Speeds : [1x-2.4x , 4x , 6x-8x , 6x-16x]

[ DVD Identifier V4.2.0 - ]

hope I’m doing this right. first scan with 16x write on Datawrite Titanium DVD-R 16x Printable @ SVP

looks decent no? anything missing?

PlexTools Professional V2.27     DVD Information
Operating system: Windows XP V5.01.2600 Service Pack 2
ID 0:(H:) PLEXTOR DVDR   PX-760A   V1.00 (S/N:209755) (0.8.28A - 6.24.31D)
Read speed: 5-12X CAV, Jumper settings: 001, Buffer under run proof enabled

Type                 : DVD-R (General) ,1 layer(s)   BookType : DVD-R
Label                : XXXXXXXXX
Application          : ImgBurn
Contents             : 3.33 GB, ISO 9660, UDF (V1.02)
Disc Region          : 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 

Certified Write Speed: 16.0 X
Drive Write Speed    : 6.0 X - 8.0 X - 12.0 X - 16.0 X
Manufacturer ID      : MCC 03RG20

Nice first post, ACook :slight_smile: :clap:

Note that there are updates available from the Plextor website for PlexTools (2.35) and 760A firmware (1.03). Looks like AutoStrategy is learning the disc at first (did it create an entry - check the database as indicated below)? If your second burn shows the same pattern, then these MCC 03RG20 aren’t the best.