Post your Plextor 716 DVD Quality scans here



Post your Plextor 716A/SA/UF Quality scans here.
Please state the drive type, firmware revision, MID of the media used, software, burn speed and time if possible, Power record On/Off and Auto Stratagy settings. Stating the above info in your post will help others decide what media and drive settings are the best for them to use. Have fun.:slight_smile:

Linky to the original Post your Plextor quality DVD scans thread


Burner: PX-716UF TLA #0203 (yep, I put that drive back in the case)
Firmware: 1.09
Media: Verbatim 8x DVD-R 100-pack (94985) MIT
Burn Speed: 8x
AS: Auto
PR: On
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Made by CMC, lot number ZD4845-DVR-I47C.


I was about to say there was the original thread, but perhaps it got lost. I posted a bunch there when I still used my 716a for burning.

TwoDegrees, seems the MCC burned very well in the Plextor, something I never saw (I got PIF in the 1,750-2,500 range with mine). Good burn. :iagree:


Burner: PX-716UF TLA #0203
Firmware: 1.09
Media: Verbatim 8x DVD-R white inkjet hub printable 50-pack (94854) MIT
Burn Speed: 8x
AS: Auto
PR: On
Burning Software: ImgBurn

Made by CMC, lot number ZD4763-DVR-I47C.


New stuff:

Went to Staples, and i decide to try Mmore +R 16X…
It`s a pack of 10 untis, with a reference to Makrolon, of Bayer :Z

Burner: Plextor 716
Speed: 12X

It reals :Z :iagree:
Too bad.
I was trying to get a MCC004 stuff :iagree:



Well, for OptodiscR16, these don’t seem too bad, not with the 809 PIF total. Of course, it would be nice to see a more level jitter on average from these, after it steadily increases after the 0.6 gb point. It’s a shame you don’t have a LiteOn 1693s or another more recent model, because I’d like to see how this scans in that, and see how the LiteOn reports the PIF on these. Despite that, I commonly see Optodisc (at least some of the Optodisc mids) with those higher PIF spikes at the first ~1.5 gb of the media, which is fairly common.


716a tla 0308 fw 1.09
Verbatim mcc004 MIT @ 16×
PR on
AS on




I have now Plextools XL full operationel!

I will scan it with plextools.


That’s great to have gotten 605 PIF total with the 716 on MCC004. But did PR let you have a full 16x burn, or did it throttle it back? What was the time for the burn? If it was true 16x, it would have been ~ 6 min or maybe a tad less…


Mmore +R 16X
Nero at 12X

Sorry about POE image.My first try on using 2 scans at same time… :bigsmile:



It was a true 16× (imgburn).don’t know the exact time but think around 6:02 min …


Verbatim +R 16X
Nero at 16X

( Forget to put the speed record at 8X… :doh: :doh: ).



Unbranded YUDEN000 T03 DVD+R 16x (1333)
Plextor 716A TLA#0308. 1.09 FW.
AS/PR on.
Burned @12x with Plextools.
This is typical of my 716A .:frowning:


Hmmm… I used to see that “V” with earlier firmware (1.04) on Sony media:
but never since. I’ve seen it totally ruining a burn (leading to a read error) on a 708a once.


716a FW FW 1.09
Verbatim -R 16x (MCC 03RG20), Made in Taiwan
16x selected, slowed to 12x


716a 1.09
mkm 001 @ 4×
everything on


716a 1.09
mkm 001 @ 4×
everything on


716a FW 1.09
Verbatim +R 16x (MCC 004), Made in Taiwan
@12x, no slowdown


Verbatim DVD+R 16× MiT
4600 mb,burned @ 12×


YUDEN000 T03 00 +R 16x (TDK)
Plextor 716A TLA#0202 FW 1.10
AS/PR on.
Burn speed selected 16x

TA-Test says very good (5/4) across the disk. Some readback problems in the 716.

Writing, Burst, Sum1, Beta/Jitter, Read (755, 716):