Post your "old" (>2 years) media here


I have just scanned some older media, in order to see if the quality of my DVDs gets worse after one or two years. I will start with this one and I am interested in your experience:

Ricoh DVD+R 2,4x labeled Philips, burnt May 2003
writer: NEC ND 1100A, 2.4x
scanned: BenQ 1640 max speed



Here’s one of my first way back in the dvdxcopy-cheapest wal-mart media days! Doesn’t seem too bad for memorex!

Date : 8/6/2005 4:36:53 PM
Model : 1-0-0-0 LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BS0S
Disc : DVD+R , PHILIPSC16 [Philips Electronics]
Speed : 4x
ECC blocks sum (PI/PIF) : 8/1
Scanned range : 0 - 2283622
Sampling count : 130791
Errors : 0
PI Max : 91
PI Average : 9.24
PI Total : 154726
PIF Max : 6
PIF Average : 1.35
PIF Total : 22613

You should rescan that at 8X, which is basicaly the BenQ scanning standard.

Very nice scan, especially after 2 years, btw.

The maximum is 8x. Rescanning won’t produce a different result.

I think not alot of ppl had dvd burners 2 years ago. Here’s a scan from 1 year ago. It goes to show, you get what you pay for :wink:
Verbatim 4x dvd-r burnt in NEC 2510 Overspeed to 6x or 8x (i dont recall which).

Some more media:

Ritek R02 DVD+R 4x labeled Platinum
writer: NEC ND 1100A, 4x
scanned: BenQ 1640 8x

Rather bad, but still readable though… :confused:

Mitsubishi Chemicals MCC002 R02 DVD+R 4x Verbatim DLP
writer: NEC ND 1100A, 4x
scanned: BenQ 1640 8x

Better, you can see that some MCC these days had slight problems at the outer radius of the disc, you could even see it with some charges. But I think the quality is still quite acceptable, quality media rules :wink:




I have started a thread based on similar intentions entitled “Experimental Data on DVD Longevity” previously. Its the results of tracking over approx one year in a tropical environment.


just another old media I just found :slight_smile:

Ricoh RocohJPN R01 DVD+R 4x labeled Platinum
writer: NEC ND 1100A, 4x
scanned: BenQ 1640 8x



i see that dvd media can lasts in germany :slight_smile:

Well no problem since we have 12 degree Celsius at the moment here, although it is August - this must be the coldest summer I can remember :frowning:

Well, better than subtropical climate in Singapore for CD media for sure, but I guess you have a lot more fun where you live at the moment, don’t you? :wink: I am missing the hot weather :sad:

I have read your thread on climate testing, very interesting, german computer magazin c’t did simulate that in climate rooms some issues ago.



Might be even more interesting to post both the original and re-scan (after 1 or 2 years) to see how much has changed since the original burn.

Hi ninbang.

To be honest, I did not even have the possibility to do any scans two years ago, at least not with the same hardware I have now. If anybody has, that would be interesting of course.



I started scanning when i got my 811 (a little less than 2 yrs ago) but since it’s the worst buy in any category i ever made i’ve deleted most traces of it (except the painful memories). I fear for the day i have to revisit anything made by that pile of crap. (I still don’t know why i bought the 1653 :disagree: ) Anyway here’s a few from my first burner - the Toshiba 5002 and perhaps one or two from the old and trusted Pioneer 106 :slight_smile: Discs i used 2 years ago were Princo, MAM, Sunstar & Verbatim. The videodiscs below still play fine :wink:

17 Apr 2003 Sunstar

25 Apr 2003 Princo

13 June 2003 MAM/Nashua

27 Sep 2003 Verbatim

01 Nov 2003 Princo

19 Nov 2003 Prodye Gold

09 Jan 2004 Mr Platinum

Oh, that’s right. My bad. Lol. Was kinda anxious to see how it would compare. Well, I suppose in another 2 years, there should a slurry of before & after scans available then. We’ll just have to take note to save the original scans now. Thanks for replying. :slight_smile:

Hi ninbang,

yes I am really curious how long these DVDs will last at all. With some of my very old cheaper CDs I have the problem that the reflective coating is floating away :frowning: But I think DVDs will last longer since the reflective Layer is in the middle of the disc between two layers of polycarbonate :slight_smile:

Let’s keep this thread up and running for at least twentyfive years :smiley:



Sounds like a plan … :).

Well, I wonder if nobody has a really old media, maybe older than three years?

I don’t think many people started dvd burning more than 3 years ago…

hint: look at the graph, the scanning speed is clearly shown as a green line in the top graph…

Not many, but some, and I expect that those few “freaks” will certainly be found… well, exactly here at cdfreaks :wink: