Post your MaxVeloSSD benchmarks here and win a free license

As postedin the news, you can win a free license of MaxVeloSSD. Here’s how you can participate:

[li]A benchmark post should consist of a screenshot with Anvil’s Storage Utilities and MaxVeloSSD showing information about the used SSD/RAM etc.
[/li][li]Elitebytes gives free license for the top 10 successful contestants
[/li][li]1st place wins a MaxVeloSSD Enterprise license
[/li][li]2nd and 3rd place win a MaxVeloSSD Professional license
[/li][li]4th till 10th place win a MaxVeloSSD Personal license
[/li][li] Myce staff will judge the entries on authenticity and will make the final judgement on who to award a license
[/li][li] Contest ends 29th of November 2013

You can post your entry here, we look forward to your benchmarks!

I got both Anvils and the Specs but CDM is overwhelmed at 1000mb but works at 2000mb. I am not in the contest as I am Staff.

Here is another MaxVelo

Another with MAX Velo.

Wow. But I have this:

Awesome, I can wait to try the new build.