Post your LiteOn 1635S/16H5S and Sony Q30A scans here

Just installed a new 1635s, first burn using YSOR Fuji brand TY T02. Is it up to par? :bigsmile:

Yep looks good, but try and get the same result with a DVD+RW in the same drive :wink:

I don’t burn many DVD+RW, if I need to I’ve got 2 BenQ’s, a 1693s, and a NEC3500. I’m sure one of them can do it.


I some times burn more than one dvd at a time.

I really like this burner, getting great burns, cant go wrong with TYG02, looks pretty good!

I used the same media and same iso to burn with 5 different drives. All scans done on the 1635. The 1635 is in an enclosure using firewire. Allburns were done at 8x.

Verbatim MCC003 burned at 8x. :bow:

barebear, I noticed that you already had a thread with a 1635S scan and that there was no official thread for 1635S scans, so I’ve merged your two threads and rename it to “Post your LiteOn 1635S and Sony Q30A scans here”. If anyone knows of another thread that should be here, then please let me know by PM. Thanks.

And just to show how badly the 1635S burns some DVD+RW media. :Z

And I see LiteOn is rushing out a new firmware to fix it. NOT!

Thanks COdeKing, I couldn’t find it earlier. Here’s a 8x scan of the same verbatim disk in my last post. :clap:

Here fe burns just after upgrading to YS0R

Ricoh R01 Ridisc branded

OT I never burned a single DVDRW

ricoh r03 16X ricoh gold

More soon

Ricoh R02 8X platinum


RitekG05 ANV 8X

more are coming

MBI 4X Intenso

MCC03RG20 Verbatim printable X16

my first dl burn ever :Z
i noticed that the drive can’t spin up correctly, only when i set the maximum speed with anydvd…

My initial scans with the 1635 were Nero images burned with DVD Decrypter can be seen here:

These latest ones were also Nero images of almost identical size, burned with Nero at x8, x12 and x16. The x8 and x16 ones had the short lead-in Nero option enabled in order to fit the images (I am not sure if this makes a difference or not). What I found strange is that overall, my first burns on this drive using Decrypter’s default SPTI Microsoft engine were slightly better than this later ones burned on the same media by Nero. Does the burning engine make a difference?

My dead and gone 1693 suddenly seems quite excellent… I used to get straight 95 to 97 scores on that one. Now it lies alone and cold on some shop shelve as it patiently awaits its return to The Great Liteon Recycler In The Sky… :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

Anyway, enough of my shit, here are the not-so-proud-of scans:

^ wtf…they’re still pretty gud…lol