Post your GSA-E40L scans here

Hi, guys, i had recently got a new lg drive model GSA-H55L, but was very dissapointed with the writing quality of that drive so i took it back to futureshop and got another one, this time i got lg’s new external model GSA-E40L. I just hooked it up and did my first burn using this drive and to say the least, i’m very pleased. Here’s a scan of a burn done using the new drive. Please ignore the “burned with liteon KL0M” as it’s just part of the image of the dvd saved prior to this burn using imgburn, and that dvd was burned with the liteon drive, but this scan is of dvd burned with GSA-E40L drive. Burn time was a little less then 6 minutes because my usb controller must of not been able to keep up with the high speeds. Also, if someone can enlighten me on which chipset this drive uses, panasonic or renesanse.

Here’s another burn but for some reason there were buffer underruns early into the burn which made the speed of the burn drop to 8x. Still a pretty good burn.

Ok, here’s another burn and this time i chose 16x as writing speed in hopes of having no bufferunderruns, but looks like with my current setup, even thought my board supports usb2.0 this drive can’t go above 10x speed. However, the quality of the burn was pretty good.

I cannot get the Nero CD speed to run the Disk quality on mine. Is the Nero 7 Essentials version locked?

PS worst “upgrade” experience of any software I’ve had the pleasure to use but don’t want to go there.


LG drives cannot do quality scans. Members use other drives [Lite-On, BenQ, Plextor, Samsung, etc] that CAN scan.

Verbatim LightScribe 16x DVD+R
MCC 004 [CMC Magnetics Taiwan for Verbatim; PAPA]
Written at 8x

New toy. :smiley: Drive came with the latest firmware [SE02].

As usual, BenQ hates LG burns. LiteOn loves them.

Sony 8x DVD+R
YUDEN000 T02
Written at 8x Z-CLV

Less exaggerated of a BenQ scan compared to the MCC 004.

Memorex 16x DVD+R
MBIPG101 R05
Written at 12x P-CAV

Sawtooth error pattern appears in the BenQ scan, but not the LiteOn. Still…the BenQ seemed to love this burn more than the MCC 004 above.

Sony 16x DVD-R
SONY16D1 [Daxon Taiwan for Sony]
Written at 16x P-CAV

This is seriously a nice drive. :slight_smile:

Included burst rate from my laptop’s nForce 430 mobile/GeForce 6150 Go chipset over USB [the only connection]. :slight_smile:

Verbatim DigitalMovie 8x DVD-R
MCC 02RG20 [made by Prodisc Taiwan for Verbatim]
Written at 8x Z-CLV

TRT on the LG [for giggles; I’ll try with a 16x-rated disc and a “better” version of CD-DVD Speed later].

Written at 8x Z-CLV

Wow, look at this crazy jitter, almost above the 12% in every single scan with the benq.

Albert how do the TRT look?

Both the LiteOn and BenQ run the TRT at full speed*, except for one MBIPG101 R05 burn [using the 20A1P for TRT] that I’ve yet to post. The LG runs the TRT at full speed on all, IIRC.

*: the BenQ has either a hardware issue or a DMA issue with my system preventing it from reading at over 12x properly, while writing at 16x is perfectly fine. Still, the TRT doesn’t fail, and the initial part up to 12x looks good.

Memorex 16x DVD+R
MBIPG101 R05
Written at 8x with ImgBurn

Disc plays back well in me picky Xbox and not-so-picky Toshi’ HD-A3. For some reason, the LiteOn wouldn’t spin up to a higher speed for the TRT and locked itself to 6x.

Written at 8x P-CAV

The best drive for this batch in terms of jitter. Didn’t do too bad in other areas, either.

Written at 16x P-CAV

Not as bad as I expected. :disagree:

Note: the L632M is a slim notebook drive.

Kodak 16x DVD+R
AML 003
Written at 12x [MSA]

I had little hope for this burn. Seems I was right to have little hope considering 12x is the max speed available. Still not too bad, though.

Comments on the ScanDisc test: the low end speed is the same thing as the note [*] in a previous post, and is an issue between the BenQ and my computer.

Mem…Max…err, something or other. Too much scanning. :doh: EDIT: Maxell 16x DVD-R
Written at 8x

TRT done while multitasking, and immediately after scanning the disc, so I would say it’s still pretty good. Not the best, but it’ll work.

Panasonic 8x DVD-R
TYG02 [Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.]
Written at 8x Z-CLV in ImgBurn

Scans: LiteOn @ 4x; BenQ @ 8x; LiteOn @ 16x; BenQ @ 16x

For some reason, the disc above seems to be showing the same behavior in the LiteOn as the 8x MBIPG101 R05 [the drive locked itself to 6x read speed]. I do not know why this is.