Post your DL 90+ scans here! (Non Verbatim)

Hi all,

Thought someone should start a thread showing off any good DL disc’s they’ve found, which aren’t Verbatim!! Cos everyone knows there the best already.

Shot of a Datawrite 2.4x Printable as bought from, and i got to say its the best non Verbatim scan i’ve seen (Burnt on a Benq 1640) Only b_gger is my DVD player doesn’t majorly like it for some reason and the menus go dodgy but the film is fine :confused:

Wow! Congrats on getting > 90% on non verbs :clap:

I sometimes get less than that on my Verbs - and thats the only brand I use as of now.


Can I get a copy of the movie?

Seriously, you might want to turn off “Show Disc Label” in Nero CD DVD Speed: File, Options, Disc Quality, Uncheck “Show Disc Label”.

BTW, Nice Quality Scan on a non-Verbatim.

LOL :bigsmile:

Can Someone explain this to me, comparing my Verbatim disks scores to the above datawrite- All my scores are much better although I get a slightly lower quality rating. What gives?

Anyone have any good Fujifilm RICOHJPND00 01h DVD+R DL scans ?
What firmware & burn speed did u use

The quality score is purely based on the maximum PIFs, so your 15 is higher than the other scans 13. :wink: Hopefully Eric will change this in the future…

Please check out this thread re attachments. :wink:

PIF spike of 13 vs. your PIF spike of 15. Nero CD-DVD Speed Quality Score is very sensitive to PIFs.

Edit: Damn! Beaten by one minute…

Mauroo, your scan is very very blurry! To save a scan image properly. Click the floppy disk icon in the top right of the cd-speed window and save the image as a PNG. This will take up less space and will have much better quality.

Just to show off heres another scan! Top that if you can :smiley: (no Verbatim alowd!!!)

[AAAAh man the tail of the disc sucks! Back to the drawing board, well still beats the last scan; was at a max of 8 on the PI failure with a score of 95 till the blips at the end]

Yes I know, I figured it out just after I posted.
Thanks non-the-less

RICOH Burns nice with latest 1620 FW. Too bad only 2.4x. LG gets good results at 4x.