Post your desktop mk II (may cause headache to modem people)

This is a special edition remake of the old “post your desktop”-thread, only this time with a twist. This time its your real desktop that counts! I start off with my desktop. If you have really big pictures, then link them, we dont want to make 56k:ers too unhappy (they might start a revolt!)
As you can see I like to keep my desktop tidy. If you pay attention to details, you can find
1 cow
1 Loreal FM-radio (dont ask)
2 knifes
a large number of pens
Some randomly placed CD’s and DVD’s

Chris, do you know what “daytime” is? :wink:
It seems people are scared of posting their desktops.

You don’t wanna see mine (too much mess).

That is EXACTLY why I want to see your dekstop! :iagree:

O.K. Here’s mine.
Please note -

  1. The bad wallapaer
  2. The Snail
  3. The “Things to sort out when I’m boared” box
  4. The rather funky coaster
  5. About 4 USB leads trailing off in all directions :slight_smile:

BeerDog, you have a Compaq screen too! Coool :slight_smile:
And thats the desktop I expect of any Dane (mmm beer) :wink:
And petera that wallpaper isnt so bad (unless you’re talking about your computer-wallie), its groovy! A bit odd but still… But I dont think Hemi will talk to you after he sees that. :smiley:

I salute your brave members for posting! The rest is too chicken! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it’s the wallpaper on the walls, the desktop is just something that I don’t have to strain my eyes to see the icons on (it actually looks better than on the pic).

Well, I call those beers “screen curtains”: It’ a way of controlling how silly ones posts get. When you’re no more able to watch the screen, better stop posting. However sometimes things get a little out of hand when I use cans instead of bottles. NEVER use this method 25” screen. :slight_smile:

If you buy me a digital camera, I will post my desktop :wink:

Here, print this out and go buy one

1.) my dead 1004IM :frowning:
2.) some dvd-r and cd-r
3.) much paper
4.) the scanner is somewhere under the paper
5.) a knife
6.) more paper

7.) finally i think i´ve to clean up the desk

Is that a Swedish word? :confused: I don’t like light; I always keep my room nice and dark - stays a lot cooler too from the good sunny weather we have right now.

Malfunction Junction :slight_smile:

Malfunction Junction :slight_smile:

My desktop…

1)This is my first post :slight_smile:
2)My cam blows real bad
3)The stack of dead harddrives on the top right of the desk
4)The table full of unpaid bills
5)My pimpy mousepad…lol

Ok, seriously, am I the only person on this forum who’s running LCD? And a pair of 18"s at that? I hate computer speakers. Waste of space and sound like crap. So cheap wrap-arounds for web surfing, and nice giant Cans for music and movie.

Most of us are too poor to have them. Trust me, we don’t use CRT’s by choice!

I had mine hooked up to a decent Sony amp and some beautiful B&W floorstanders, but they took up too much space so had to go :frowning:
I had some quite nice PC speakers, but they went missing in my last house move (probabally up in the loft with the rest of the boxes).

Ummm…I had a 20.1" LCD in my pic :). You still have money after all that weed?! Or were the LCDs before…you sell?? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL. Can’t really tell what kinda monitor you have w/o any lights.

WTF is lights?