Post your collection of retired or dead drives



Hi all,

I was thinking of all the drives I have owned, and I thought I’ll share with you.
I must admit, I don’t remember all drives I owned :slight_smile:

[li]LG 52x CD-ROM drive (don’t remember the exact name). Lying around somewhere in a box.[/li][li]LG GCE-8240B 24x CD-RW. Given away.[/li][li]Acer 4432 4x CD-RW. Given away.[/li][li]Liteon/JVC XJHD-166S (aka LTD-166S). In wife’s computer.[/li][li]LG GSA-4082B 8x DVDRW. My first DVD writer. In wife’s computer.[/li][li]Samsung SH-W163A 16x DVDRW. Killed by wrong firmware. Recycled.[/li][li]Liteon SOHR-5239V 52x CD-RW. Retired. No real use for that drive.[/li][li]Philips DVDR-1660P. Shelved in case my Benq 1650 needs to be replaced.[/li][/ol]


pioneer 106d & plextor 48/24/48 both drives committed suicide, falling from 3meters.


I have a embarrassingly large list of retired drives. Only one is dead (Plextor PX716)

Sony AW-G170A








OK let’s start:

  1. Creative 52X CD-ROM drive (dead)
  2. Samsung SW-224B CD-RW drive (buffer underruns, does not read properly)
  3. LG GCC-4480B DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive (still works, but don’t use it)
  4. Sony AW-Q170A (returned to shop, exchanged with 20A1H)
  5. LG GSA-4160B (retired, still works)
  6. LiteOn LH-20A1H (tray won’t open, but it does work when opens)


It’s currently in a dying state, gonna retire it soon, so why not post it :stuck_out_tongue:

Optiarc AD7170A


Pioneer 106? It was my first burner. 2X and only did DVD-R. :stuck_out_tongue:
NEC 1100A
NEC 3540A
Plextor 712A
Plextor 716A
Plextor 504
Pioneer 111D
Pioneer 115D
Pioneer 116D (sorry, just got this. It’s alive!)
Philips 8820
Sony Optiarc 7190A

I still have most of them except my first Pioneer. All of them can still play and read DVDs, but I retired them as soon as they started giving me bad burns. I think I killed alot of my drives because I used them to rip DVDs as well as burn them. Sometimes, the drive would be spinning for hours because it tried to read badly scratched DVDs. Anyway, I just recently started using my older drives as a second slave drive to just rip DVDs and my newer drives to burn DVDs only.


Sorry to bump an old thread, but the optiarc is back to working function again!


Pioneer 106D (after 3 years)
Samsung 182M (less than 3 years)
Sony dru860A (the cd part is dead)


[QUOTE=RCM;2430570]Sorry to bump an old thread, but the optiarc is back to working function again![/QUOTE] So they heal themselves after 8-9 months? Maybe I shouldn’t have thrown out my dead 7170-series drives then?! :stuck_out_tongue:


Dead, thrown out, given away:
HP CD-Writer+ 7200e (my first and most expensive burner)
HP CD-Writer+ 8100 (several of these)
Pioneer DVD-106 (the DVD-ROM drive, not the burner)
Plextor PX-712A (RMA replaced by Plextor)
Optiarc AD-7173A (DOA replaced)
Optiarc AD-7173A (dead)
Optiarc AD-7170A (DOA returned for money back)
Optiarc AD-7170A (dead)
LiteOn SOHR-5239V (crappy, returned for money back)
Pioneer DVR-111 (worst of my 111 series drives in terms of burn quality, given away)
Pioneer DVR-111D (spare drive given away)
NEC ND-4551A (bad relinking problem, given away as DVD-ROM)

Retired but not yet given away or thrown out:
NEC ND-3500AG (scratches some discs)
Plextor PlexWriter PX-1610A

Very rarely used:
Plextor PX-712A (burn quality no longer reliable, only used for scanning)
LiteOn SOHR-5239V (mediocre burner at best)
LiteOn SOHR-5238S (mediocre burner at best, problem with tray)
LiteOn SHW-1635S (only used when all other drives have given up reading a disc)
LiteOn LH-20A1P (doesn’t excel at anything)


I tend to receive faulty (for repair) or obsolete equipment from people, so I only bought some of these!

Yamaha CRW6416S 6X write 4X rewrite 16X read SCSI CD burner. Obsolete, worked last time I tried it.

Asus Cd burner, unknown model. Received dead, couldn’t be bothered trying to fix it :slight_smile:

Plexwriter PX-W124TSi. SCSI CD burner. Received from scrapped computer, not tested, obsolete

Pioneer DVR-A06. Dead - not seen by BIOS. Haven’t gotten around to fixing it.

Optiarc AD-5170A. Stopped burning dual layer disks, then stopped burning single layer disks, then stopped reading disks, then stopped ejecting disks. Produced occasional coasters even when new and produced impressive amounts of noise but delayed failing until warranty had just expired. (Does RCM have the only AD-X17X drive on the planet that works?)

NEC ND-2500A (crossflashed to 2510 but unfortunately fails to burn DL). Not retired, merely resting. Was intended to be replaced by the Optiarc (which could burn DL and was faster), instead ended up replacing it. Never had a single failed (SL) burn. Currently disconnected since I now have a nifty Pioneer 216 and I needed the single IDE controller for an old disk. I’ll probably replace it with another SATA optical (mainly to avoid IDE cabling) at which point I’ll move it to another computer.

I’ve also thrown out various CD-ROM drives that where obsolete.


[QUOTE=Aramchek;2430714](Does RCM have the only AD-X17X drive on the planet that works?)[/QUOTE] No, but most of them went to Liggy & Dee! :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2430841]No, but most of them went to Liggy & Dee! :p[/QUOTE]

HA HA! :stuck_out_tongue: I’m sure there are a lot more then that around!