Post your Classic Car



This is my first thread here on cdfreaks so I figured why not share something we all love, :bow: CLASSIC CARS!!!

This was my '66 Mustang. With a 289 V8.

I had it throughout my high school years. I loved that car, but in order for me to move out of my parents house I needed a more reliable ride that was easy on the gas. Unfortunately, the guy who bought it off me decided to paint it black with white racing stripes. He ruined the car and so I’ve regretted it ever since.

So lets see those classic cars you guys have owned or still have today. :smiley: Rust buckets are allowed. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a 69 Dart I’ve had since 79, its not so pretty now but still pretty good sheetmetal for its age. Has a swinger/GTS hood off a 383 car that was on it when I got it, just a 318 car with 340 suspension and running gear(now) also sway bars. I finally retired it last year and drive lil sisters old Neon to work everyday.
I got my license in it and drove it daily most of the time till last year, hence my handle :cool: It looks very similar in color and everything to my sig with not as nice paint.