Post Your Best Dl Scans On Lg Burners

I’ve been using my LG 4167b as my primary DL burner. It gives consistently better scans that my PIONEER 110 or BENQ 1640.
BURN TIME- 18:30

My first DL burn with the 4167B done at 4x. Could be better, but not bad.

MKM-003 @ GSA-H10N 10x Z-CLV.

Wow 10X burn on MKM003! This is the GSA-H10N with 12X DVD RAM also. Love to see this model in the states!

Yes, even the latest Plextor cannot burn it faster. :wink:

thia@9, could u give us a few comments about this drive please, as i am very interested. Does it burn single layer disks such as Taiyo yuden and Verbatim with good quality?

16X is pretty good.
However, 8X is in trouble.

HITACHI Factory GSA-H10N [Latest firmware : JJ11]

LG Electronics GSA-H10N [Initial firmware : JL10]

BurnQuality Test (HITACHI ver.[JJ11])

My last piece of this (not very good) Memorex DL media with RITEKD01 MID. Again, the LG4167b manages acceptable burns but I’m sticking with Verbatim DL in the future.
Burned @2.4X with DVDDecrypter:

Typical result with MKM001 on the LG4167.
Burned @6X on DVDDecrypter.