Post your BenQ DW2000 scans and questions here



RICOH -R 16x
CMC MAG.AM3 @20x
Burn Time: 05:03
SB, WOPC, OS: all disabled


Maxell -R 16x
RITEKF1 @18x
Burn time: 05:32
SB, WOPC, OS: all enabled


Thanks again 2601


Could you please send me / PM me the firmware? :slight_smile:


2601, be a hero and dump the firmware PLEASE, weve been waiting a long time for it to appear!!


Any news about firmware?


I just noticed that when SB is On, RiTEK F1 can’t be burn on 20x speed… Is there any limitation on BenQ DW2000’s Solidburn? 18A1P (stock) wont let us burn all discs on 18x, but DW1800 do allow us to burn discs on 18x…


Edit: Oh… I was misunderstanding something… This post can be deleted


BenQ DW2000 is a real BenQ? Or just another Lite-On?


Benq no longer manufacturers their own dvd burners therefore the Benq DW2000 is a Liteon drive. Liteon bought out Benq’s optical drive dept. :wink:


Well, is there anyway I can flash the BenQ DW1800 to Lite-ON LH-20A1P? I’ve downloaded the LH-20A1P KL0G firmware, flashfix it, but failed to flash it on my drive.


you have to hack your EEPROM to enable 20x burn. don’t ask me how. i don’t know. if i know how, i would have my own 20x burner right now.


Post your question at the Liteon forum where moderator c0deKing can answer your question. :wink:


Well, bad Verbatim TYG03 @ 20x, SB/WOPC On


Lol, too happy with the DW2000 firmware? The burned media was labeled as ‘hehehe’. I can’t see WOPC doing so much with this burn, hmm…


I’ll wait for patched f/w :rolleyes:


I guess it’s not the media that is so bad, but instead the drive.
Relinking is not possible at the high 20x RPM (according to [B]DrageMester[/B]) so WOPC/OHT won’t really work @ 20x.


TDK+R16x, T03, @20x, time - 5:00


Verbatim DVD+R16x, MCC 004, Taiwan, @18x,
SB - on/on, OS - on, WOPC - on
time - 5:20


Nice burns you have there NewFish.