Post your BenQ DW1800 scans and questions here

Note that jitter is working o.k. with CD/DVD Speed 4.70
Drive bitsets +R to -ROM. None of the tools I have can change this.
Drive does not appear to be rip locked.
QSuite 2.1 does not recognize the drive.

TRT from above.

Nice burn worker. Does Qsuite see this drive.

So the DW1800-series reads DVD+R-R at 16X? Awesome. And does quality scans. and Jitter. Now if it records as well as the older BenQ’s, this is looking like a nice drive after all… :iagree:


I could swear a new version of Qsuite sees it? Go to BenQ’s web site and it shows it. :slight_smile:


Did you flash a LITE-ON DVDRW LH-18A1P to a BENQ DW1800???

Yes it does show that but that may be a newer build of QSuite. The latest 2.1 build is from 2005. We’ll have to see when more people get this drive.

O.K. it seems I was wrong. I had the drive in an external enclosure and QSuite said drive was not supported. Put it on IDE and as you can see it seems to work. Will do more testing as time permits later.

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Firmware ZB34 can be found here:

Nero InfoTools shows SolidBurn support.
Some pictures from QSuite.

A question, is Quikee WOPC_Tool’s Short Lead-Out function supported at all? (My guess is no?)

I wonder if the the functions in Qsuite work the same with DW1800 as they do with older BenQ burners?

WOPC function in Quikee’s tools works fine! (see 2 pics clicking Enable/Disable WOPC).

The drive spins up when clicking Short Lead-Out.

Changing book type also works.

So far they seem to.

I agree! Especially now that we know Qsuite works with it.

Even if this drive is basically a Lite-On LH-18A1P with BenQ’s scanning and Qsuite talents and not 100% BenQ, it could still be very good.

Now, just as soon as the Egg gets a shipment in and specials them with free shipping… :wink:

It would be nice to see some scans of burns with Qsuite options used.

@ worker:

       Is this the drive that you flashed, and if so what flasher did you use, ( Quikees ) or maybe other.

They have them right now for 29.99 free shipping on the black model.

Thanks for that alan, but I’ll wait a bit for one I don’t have to crossflash. But I’m not sure I can wait long! :disagree: