Post your BenQ DW1670 / Sony DRU-820A DL scans

This is my last DL scan with a Sony DRU820A 1.0b @ 6x

did you have to speed patch it or does the dru-820a burn mkm 001’s natively?

The DRU-820A since firmware 1.0a and 1.0b supports up to 6x on MKM001. (click here)

This was already pointed out in 820 review, page 7.

If people just care to read before post… :bigsmile:

edited oops.

This was actually burned at 4x using CopyToDVD, considering it was the first time the drive saw the disc, even though 6x was listed as maximum speed. But it played perfectly without any slowdown, pauses, etc. Firmware was 1.0b.

That is one excellent DL scan, It is one of the best I have seen.

What i have found is that if you keep using the same media your burns will get even better. Next one you burn, burn it @6x. My DRU-820A seems to like the max speed even better. And maybe its just me but the colors look more vivid burning with the Sony drive than my other drives (benQ 1640, 1655). I also have a liteon 1673 imo is not in a class with my other drives. And there seems to be no jitter.

That’s what I figured, it “should” get better as it burns more. I actually had left it at maximum under CopyToDVD, which typically would have ramped up to 6x, but perhaps the disc wasn’t quite up to the quality, since I heard its trying to go higher, but kept it at 4x. I’ve burned with BenQ 1640, LG 4163B, and NEC 3500A, and so far, the 820A has been the best looking one when scanned, even though all the others played fine.

Ya i think your right. I got a bad batch of verbs 20 pk still have some from BB and they would write no faster than 2.4x. So now i just buy my verbs at sams club 3x10pk for 59.86 never had a problem with the 10pk. And btw your first burn is nice. I use PgcEdit to put my vobs in order, set layer brake and then use ImgBurn 3.0 set at max and booktype set to dvd-rom to burn with. The avg speed of a DL is about 5.3, max speed is 6.1.