Post your BenQ DW1655 SL scans here



I am not so sure I would call those scans awesome, but they are completely acceptable and the movies will most probably play just as well as if they had lower numbers. I have Sony Yuden000-T02-000 that are Sony branded batch 1138, that are truely amazing. Batches 1159 and 1162 are the most common, and very good also.


Thanks for info alan1476 :bigsmile:
I got Fuji brand 50pack T02 Batch# is 1138 I agree truely amazing :iagree:
1159 and 1162 hmmm :confused:


Thank you [B]alan1476[/B]!

My Sony T02 are 1158, 1159, 1162, and 1200.
My Fuji T02 is 1133.
Intjet printable T02 from rima is 0041.

I miss 1138. :sad:


I only don’t have 00[B]0041[/B] and I have some score today
one 50pack Sony TYG03 :cool: actually 3pack but someone pick already
two case from Walgreen :doh:


I think you have more media and burners than all of the forum put together, you are a truely and I say this with respect, a " CD Freak ".:clap: :clap:


Thanks alan1476 :bow:
still out there Sony TYG03 somewhere NJ area ( Walgreen store ) :iagree:
may have some luck you can find Maxell DVD-R 16X ( MIJ MXL-RG04 )


I think you are in 100+ burners and 10K+ blank media club. :bow:


I don’t know what am I doing :doh:


Hi all,

Can someone comment on if this is a good burn. It’s from a batch of Verbatim with TYG02 dye burnt at x4 speed

I am a little concerned with the high number of PI Errors when compared to a previous burn which is Datasafe media with the same TYG02 dye (second picture).

My drive settings were:

WOPC - Enabled
Solid Burn - Non-activated (supported disc)/ Activated (Non-supported disc)
Overspeed - disabled



For TYG02 burn @8X will yield to best results.


First burn of Verbatim DVD-R 8X ink jet printable from Rima.
MID: MCC 02RG20 by CMC
Burned @8X.


You got much better than mine ( MCC 02RG20 by CMC )


After going thru 500 of the regular MCC004 I finally decided to try some PAPA MCC004 Lightscribe (burnt @12x w/Nero). What’s up with the read speed scrible? On the other hand, I haven’t experienced PIF counts this low since my Fuji/TYG02 days!


why do u say do ? media is Rated @ 8x max & Burning @ Max Speed Wont Cause more errors ?


YUDEN000T02 8x From,Burnt & Scanned @ 8x :slight_smile:

Solid Burn: ON
Wopc: On

Why is the Pi Failures so High ? :frowning: wats going wrong ?


My verry best scanes … obtained from my belovded Benq’s … and the reasons they will not leave my computer … I just love them
Drive are 2 Benq’s 1650 with different firmwares … mainly using 1655 fw … and default settings
1.Verb 16x CMC @ 12x
2.Intenso 16-R @ 12x
3.Verb 16x+R T03 @ 12x
4.Verb 16x-R @ 12x
5.Verb 16x+R T03 @ 12x


1’st grade



1.VERb 16x-R @12x with all default …
2.On the fly @ 12x with Nero 7 … don’t know why CD-DVD Speed says that it was written @ 16x .BenqTRT, Beng QS and Litey QS attached.


And the last ones … hope u’re enjoing guys.