Post your BenQ DW1655 SL scans here



think I it is almost same depends on what media I use
I had test 111 & 112 but I can’t say which one is better because I didn’t know about Batch # that time


Thank you. I will get a 212 SATA to expend my collection. :bigsmile:


BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid burn on
Burned at 8X
#1 SONY DVD+R 8X B#TG001162 - # 1002_8X (same disc & burner Post #1833)
and LG GSA-H42N with same media scan below link post #624
#2 FUJI DVD+R 8X B# TG001149 - # 0101_8X


Sony MIJ TY 8x (Accucore), BCGB, WOPC Disable, Overpseed Disable, SolidBurn Supported Disc Off, SolidBurn Un-Supported Disc On


please post the batch number and 4 Digit # in hub area
and is this 25pack or 50pack ? Thank you


In all honesty, the batch number doesn’t seem to matter much with Sony T02s. They all are quite good in my experience.


Yes they all good quality media but they got lots of quality difference in every spindle in my experience
P.S my Beng burner is was not bad Below link Post# 626


If you look at Burnsama’s scan, it matters. Earlier batch is better than later one. It is also true by my experience.


Batch TG001162
25 Pack (Staples)

but i have to agree with two degrees. if its says: sony 8x mij +r; this stuff is gold. there was some talk back in the day bout the accucore ty’s being inferior to the non-accucore brand. butt right at this point i’m buyin up all 8x sony mij +r i can scare up. there is no better media out there as far as i’m concerned. once its gone everything else is just ok.


Thanks for B# cmisenko
I got lots Batch TG001162 from staple and k mart and…


Burnsama, do you have any early version of Sony T02? The letter size of “DVD+R” is smaller than later version. The DVD+R logo shares same line as “DVD+R” letters. It also does not have “AccuCORE” logo.

Added: The early version also uses round spacer.


No they are all have AccuCORE logo and I can’t check all of them right now


MID: RicohJPNR03
Batch: DO127
Ridata Branded 50 Pack from Newegg
Type: DVD+R 16x
Burned @:8x
Burned With: CD Speed from .nrg file
Drive/Firmware: BenQ 1655/BCGB (Nov 2005 retail build from Shop4Tech)
Solidburn OFF, Overspeed OFF Kn/Ukn, Wopc ON


There isn’t enough of a difference in those scans to say anything significant about earlier batches being better.


Burner: [B]BenQ DW-1655 @ BCHB[/B]
WOPC: [B]On[/B]
OverSpeed: [B]Off[/B]
SolidBurn: [B]default[/B]
Scanner: [B]PX-716AL V1.02 TLA#0101[/B]
Burnspeed: [B]8x[/B]
Burn-Application: [B]Nero-Info Tool V4.7.5.0[/B]
Medium: [B]Sony 8x printable DVD+R (SONY-D11-00)[/B]

An excellent Burn. :smiley: The Jitter are superb. :slight_smile:


BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid burn on
Burned at 8X


Maxell DVD-R MXL-RG03 ( from sears )
Burn with Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.750…Burn Speed 8X


[B]Maxell Plus Series DVD-R 8X White Inkjet printable [/B]
[B]Made in Japan TYG02[/B]
Burn with Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.750…Burn Speed 8X
I will burn tomorrow with LG Burner may I get better result :smiley:
I can’t find batch # :doh:


Sony DVD-R 8X MIJ ( Round Spacer 50pack from K-Mart ) No luck
another SONY08D1 :sad:
Burn with Nero CD/DVD Speed 4.750
Burn Speed 4X


Why are you so sad ? the result is awesome and Sony MID MIJ is an excellent media .

The jitter is just amazing :clap: