Post your BenQ DW1655 SL scans here



Solid burn on
Burned at 12X

  1. Should I change F/W from BCAB (original when bought) to BCIB? Just bought DW1655 two days ago (last one in a shop in UK)
  2. It’s the Infinity DVD-R 8X (burned at 8X, scanned at 4x) bought from svp…co…uk
  3. Big question: How to set Qsuite? Should I leave default setting? For example,
  • Solid Burn support disc–>Non-Activated/Unknown disc–>Activated
  • WOPC -->Enable

Thank you. I am a newbie


BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid burn on
Burned at 8X
Sony DVD+R Yuden T02 from sears 25pack :confused:


Can you post the batch number? I just bought 2 50pc Sony T02 from Sears today.


it is TG001162 and another 4 digit # 1002
I always Unlucky about buying Media :sad:
and tell me what’s yours ?


BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid Burn OFF
Burned at 8X
InkJet Hub Printable from rima. TG000041.


I got another it is also from sears this week Sony DVD-R 16X TYG03 with PX-760A my second oldest 760A 1.05 Batch# GH000073 burn speed 16X


Unlucky? You don’t like something about Sony T02?


I found one TG001162 1306. Which is burned by 760A@8X. Due to this is 1655 thread. I won’t post scan.
Bruned is Apr 22, 2007. Scaned June 9, 2007.
MAX PIE 31 - Avg PIE 2.47
MAX PIF 3 - Total PIF 213.


BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid Burn OFF
Burned at 8X
Sony TYG03 GH000073 0518


thanks a lot geekrule for more infomation :bow:
I feel much better now :slight_smile:


Well, my TY printable T02 is better than Sony T02.

I don’t like something about Sony T02, too. :bigsmile:


I still have more than 30case 50pack and 25case 25 pack Sony T02 maybe more
80% like 20% dislike


I only have 20% of you have. Most time I use printable.


This 4 Disc from 4 different case & 2 different batch# & 4 different 4digt # Sony DVD+R Yuden T02 Media
BenQ DW1655 BCIB
Solid burn on
Burned at 8X
#1 B# TG001159_0509
#2 B# TG001159_1201
#3 B# TG001162_0516
#4 B# TG001162_1112
Bonus TG001162_1002 post #1833


Among my burners, 1655 is just average. I use 760A to burn TY. Can you try one of your five 760As? If you have same results, then it is media. Otherwise maybe the burner is the trouble one.


I also my hope burner is the trouble one :iagree:
BenQ drive for only scan for CD/DVD and I use three 760A for reader only
( three new in box I didn’t open yet for future )
about my main burner is always LG & pioneer Drive and I will keep post my scan LG-GSA H-42N & 44L & PX-760A thread with different B# and 4digit # with sony & Fuji & Panasonic TY meida
I’ll start this evening thanks for take your time :slight_smile:


Which Pioneer model do you use, 111, 112 or others? I want to try a Pioneer now. :bigsmile:


I have both but I can’t use right now because My Main ( 6 ODD ) pc was broke last month I only use one pc ( 2 ODD ) right now and very hard change everytime
P.S I will built Two PC end of this summer One for Audio One for Video


In your opinion, is 112 as good as 111? I am thinking 212 SATA now. I current have 4 ODD, 7 HDD in my main rig.