Post your BenQ DW1655 SL scans here



You’re getting way too obsessed with the results here. His first scan is very good, and his second scan also is good except for the one PIF clump near the edge (still not a huge concern).


I know… I’m currently trying to find out a way to get rid of what I have left of it! :iagree: I just ordered a whole bunch of TYGO2’s – based exactly on scans like yours. :clap:


[OT]Your first scan is quite good, don’t get carried away here. I like a good scan as much as the next person, but there’s nothing in that scan that would suggest that the disc will perform any better or worse than the TYG02 scan. You should additionally consider factors such as media stability/durability, reflectivity (which helps readability in standalones particularly), etc. There is media that scans worse than TYG02 that I’d rather use because of other factors, for me primarily for stability reasons (not that TYG02 is bad, but it does have some more suspect characteristics than MCC and CMC, for example).[OT]

This is getting off topic, so I’ll end any conversation about this, other than to say that there’s nothing wrong with either of your Sony scans (other than the 1 PIF clump in the second scan). If they are stable media and readability is good in your drives/players, they are not at any disadvantage to a disc with a few hundred fewer PIFs. In the big picture, 1k PIFs is still a low amount.


Thanks scoobie for your input again… quite valuable IMO.

And yes, back to the real topic at hand!

I actually have a question regarding that huge clump that shows up on at the 3.8GB mark…

Because my BenQ scans at an 8ECC interval, does that mean that there clump we see is really about the same size as an eighth-as-big-of-a spike that might show up in a 1ECC scan? I still don’t understand the different intervals very well, except that “in-spec” mean a max of 4 PIFs @ 1ECC, and 32 PIFs @ 8ECC.

Could I possibly come to the conclusion that the disc featured, if scanned on a 1ECC drive, would look fantastic, with very few 1 PIF spikes?

Thanks if you can shed some light on the subject!

I must say, no matter what other threads, topics, or guides that I’ve read on 8ECC vs 1ECC scanning, I just can’t seem figure it out! But hopefully there’s a quick and dirty answer out there for me. :slight_smile:


Verbatim 8x (Yuden T02 bought in HK) done at 12x, quite possibly the best looking scan from my DW1655 this year.


Unbranded TYG02 DVD-R 8x. (106)
Benq 1655 BCIB FW.
Create data disc@16x.
Connected to Mobo JMicron JMB36x controller for testing.
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Unbranded TYT02 DVD-R 8x. (1162)
Benq 1655 BCIB FW.
Create data disc@12x.
Connected to Mobo JMicron JMB36x controller for testing.


Here is why not to get Sony D21 I had gotten it since it was suggested its not bad media. The Fuji burns better and seems that the prodisc 5 is much better.The Sony will play in any drive but its NOTHING like the scans I see elsewhere. TYs for me when this media is done. I did purchase Maxell REALLY cheap I will post a scan of that when I open the package. Here are the 2 scans:


Verbatim 50 pc. cakebox burned @ 16X with 1655 in external enclosure
via 1394 Oxford 911+


Ok - Im a newb when it comes to scanning so be gentle! Anyway, Can anyone tell if my PI errors are legit? I’ve never seen this low of average. I’m surprised its not 98 or 99!

Any ideas how to get a better scan? Is this a pretty good scan?

Thanks guys!

TYG02 @ 8x
BCHB with WOPC enabled; SB disable/enabled; OB disabled


That’s great burn, can’t get much better. :clap:
Note, just one single spike (maybe caused by dust, fingerprint or just a glitch) spoiled a “99” quality score.

Good luck with your new beauty. :wink:


Sony DVD-R 16x media can be very variable, but looking at QScan test I’m not surprised this burn ended at 8x. :wink:

MID: SONY16D1 (Sony Europe/Austria)
Type: DVD-R 16x rated
Burned with: CD/DVD Speed
Burned as: Burn image, 4.38GB movie ISO
Burned at: 16x speed, ended at 8x
Burntime: 8:21
Drive/Firmware: DVD8801/BCHB
SolidBurn/WOPC = all ON


TYG01 - Value Line Media
Overspeed to 8x
SB on

Not as good as my 1640 BSLB (which i think is the best BenQ burner BTW)

AS compared to my 1640 burned at same speed, the jitter is about .5 higher (1640 gets around 8.5%).

The high PIE’s likely due to SB being on. It should go alot lower once the burner learns more about TY01.

All in all not bad.


Burned @ 12X
Batch #1138
Solid burn on WOPC on


Nice result on TYG01 :clap:


Solid burn on Burned@12X


Brand new BenQ 1655 just installed today. WOPC enabled, TYG02 media at 8x.

Here’s the second disc I burned with the BenQ. The first wasn’t much better.

Here’s a disc with my NEC.

Something is seriously wrong with that BenQ drive with those kind of results. The firmware is just the one it came with, BCGB. Will a firmware change fix this? If so, which?

I might be switching back to the NEC.


Possibly – I recently got a BenQ 1655 with BCGB (march 2006 build) and it burned poorly out of the box. I flashed it over to BCDB and it started burning well. That’s interesting as I have another 1655 which is an earlier build and it works well with BCGB.


I have tried all the firmwares and BCDB is the best for + media. (IN my personal opinion) I do not use dash media on any BenQ drives.:disagree:


Sorry to hear your BenQ’s doesn’t like dash media.
But our does. :bigsmile: (Old thread, maybe you forgot old man. :smiley: )

[B]@chew1138[/B], reflash drive and try to disable SB and WOPC. If your media is genuine Taiyo Yuden you’ll be king. If fake no drive will handle it decently.