Post your BenQ DW1655 SL scans here



I have extremely high PI errors! all my Disc burnt have high PI errors! is there something wrong with my writer?

*it’s at default settings



I think you should test the firmware BCDB because I’m having the same
issues like you when using BCIB on Verbatim 16x DVD-R!

Are your Verbatim Made in India?

mfg: pionneer


@tcsoft, what settings are you using?




all three settings are on , burned at 8x, my burner loves ty -r’s more than +r’s for some strange reason :bigsmile:


I’m having these spikes only with my cd’s, im not multi tasking what are the possibilities of causes for this?

Thanks for any comments / help. Storm~


That’s a good scan, no problems there. CD Scans often have lots of narrow peaks but that’s a good burn.


Look closer, you’ll see a half a dozen or more, down spikes, any ideas?

Thanks Storm~


I doubt it’s anything other than some quirk between CD-DVD Speed and your Benq, as this is hardly the first time there’s been speed dips such as this in Benq scanning. The fact that they’re at even intervals makes it very unlikely that it has anything at all to do with the media itself. Why don’t you update CD-DVD Speed BTW? Also, I don’t know that there’s really a ‘standard’ when it comes to testing speeds for CDs, but I think most people test at maximum speed in their Benqs (and most other drives generally).


Iunno, looks suspicious to me.

  1. I have the newest cdspeed and whatever that version was, they don’t change much results wise anyway, so that isn’t a biggy.

  2. I wouldn’t say thats entirely true, I mainly see when people burn at a certain speed they test at the same speed, but who knows.

Thanks Storm~


That’s the first time I’ve heard of testing at the same speed that it was burned at, there’s really no correlation between them. Anyway, the fact that the speed dips are occuring at even intervals likely rules out anything to do with the media, so it’s likely to be an issue between CD-DVD Speed and the burner itself, not an issue with the disc. If you think there’s any issue with the disc, run a transfer rate test and a scandisc, I very much doubt that the tests will show any issues though.


Yea your prob right, make me a little less unsettled about it.

I’m ma wait for a BenQ to go on sale and pick one up, and then test see if I get the same thing or not. Waiting for staples to get the I/O Magic on-sale.

Might even try and get that drive at compusa thats on-sale and that’s supposed to be a BenQ 1650.

Thanks Storm~


@Storm1234: The BenQ DW1655/1650 have scanning dips like this and it’s not something you can fix. The amount of dips my be different at another scanning speed.

There’s no scanning speed that’s more “correct” than any other, but personally I scan CDs at 32x which works well in most drives and is fast enough to detect some problems that don’t appear at lower scanning speeds, and is not so fast that the drive is operating at the edge of what it’s capable of. For some (non-BenQ) drives I use other scanning speeds or multiple scanning speeds for various reasons.


Burn Speed: 8X (P-CAV)
WOPC: (ON) / SB: (ON) / OS: (OFF)
Burnt With: CD-DVD Speed (Image @ 4414MB)
Create Time: 8:35

Two quick questions if that’s okay:

  1. My DW1655 seems to be burning the exact same 7-PIF spike at the .77GB mark on all my media – is this normal, or is there a defect or something I can clean off of the lense?

  2. The 6-PIF chunk at the 1.02GB mark seems to have been caused by a spec of dust left on my media (oops!) – would this defect impair readability on any standalones, or am I over-reacting to something little and insignificant?

Thanks for any answers! For the most part, I’m quite satisfied – seeing as how it’s SONY and all. :stuck_out_tongue:


1 - It could be caused in the burning process by the drive itself, it could just be a ‘false’ error report by some physical effect of the drive. In either case, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. It could be caused by something like some abnormality on the gear track inside the drive? I have a PIF spike in probably close to half of my burns at around the .1GB mark, it’s annoying but not a big deal.

2 - It’s unlikely to be any issue, players usually don’t have problems with PIF clumps from small specks of dust. If it was something larger maybe, but that shouldn’t be a problem. That’s a good burn. :slight_smile:


Thanks scoobiedoobie for the insight! I feel much better inside now that I know not to worry so much. :slight_smile: I agree though, it is quite annoying.

So I’ve actually been running a few more tests, and it turns out that the spike we speak of shows up on ALL the media I burn, regardless of the drive. Like, here’s a SONYD21 burned on my NEC, but scanned with my BenQ…

…see the same exact spike? This leads me to believe that it’s a reading error rather than a burning one.

Hey! Here’s a quick question… (sorry if it’s a little off-topic though)… but does anyone know exactly how many different lasers there are in a DVD-RW? Like, is there a separate lens for reading, and one for writing?

I ask this because I think maybe it would work if I opened my drive and cleaned the reading lens? (If there’s a thread somebody knows about please point me the right direction… thank you!)

Okay, back on topic! :slight_smile:


if i’m right two, one for cd’s and one for dvd’s.


Don’t bother opening up your drive to try cleaning the lens, if it was a lens issue then it would impact the entire scan, I would not suggest opening up a drive unless it’s really necessary as there’s a good chance of just making matters worse. And yes, since it is showing with other drives’ burns it definitely looks to be just a reading issue, just ignore that one spike in your future scans. Like I said, it could be something on the track inside the drive and that would make sense as it is occuring at the same spot (as in, the same spot on the track). Like I said though, I would just ignore it, the odds are probably greater of just getting more dust in your drive and not solving it anyway.


i love ty dvd-r’s! burned @8x with sb, wopc, and overspeed on. For the person who’s posting sony d21 scans a few posts before this one: i tried that media and had the same horrible results on my burner. that media is garbage IMO.


Thank you for your input man! I’m no expert, nor do I have a clean room to operate on my BenQ with :stuck_out_tongue: and because of my OC perfectionistic ways, I’d probably just make the problem worse like you said! I have a tendancy to do that to situations when I should simply leave them alone. :rolleyes:

Alright, back to those lovely BenQ scans!