Post your BenQ DW1655 DL scans here

man oh man im so happy to put my first official scan with my new benq 1655. i noticed nobody was doing any scans using double layer media so i decided to take matters into my own hands. whenever people start to aqquire this drive i hope to see more scans here in this thread with double layer or dual layer media. :iagree:

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That’s a damn fine start there to DL scanning. :clap:

Did you notice the jitter, Zebadee, whats up with that?

There is a single spike jitter around 7.6GB, otherwise is quite good.

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what number is considered too high in jitter?

Verbatim branded MKM 01RD30 @ 4x -R DL
Burn time 32:32
CD Speed 4.10
Overspeed Off
Solidburn On Unknown
Solidburn Off known

please see my successful scan for the last samurai.
go along with djfunz

Hey shadow and djfunz… Try setting your speed down to 8X on your Qual test instead of max.

Fuji Branded 2.4x DVD+R-DL:RITEK-D01-001 Burnt@2.4x
Solid Burn On
Wopc On
CD Speed 4.10
Burn Time = 45 Minutes

Hey Capt’n… I’ll have to drink a bunch of it in order to be able to view your image’s. Just save them to my docs. To do this, after your burn is done, click the square to the left of the minimize button. Then you can upload the image to the forum. If you need help with that let me or anyone else know here on the forum and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Media:Verbatim 2.4x Double Layer
Software:Nero 6
Burn speed:2.4x
Burned with:DW-1655 rebadged(I/O Magic)

I know I will probably get shot for this but… Has anyone done a burn on CMC MAG D01. Videohelp reports good results with this media (Not as good as MKM 001 but loads better than ritek). Just curious.

here is a post for amercian pie

I can’t seem to get great results with dual layer burns and my Benq 1655. I use Verbatim DL dvd+r’s. At best I get scores in the low 90’s with Nero Cd-Dvd Speed. Solid Burn and WPOC on seem to give me consistent scores of 94-95. I’ll attach a quality scan of what I usually get with these settings. I haven’t burned more than two discs in each possible setting cuz it takes so long to burn and then scan. So I don’t know if this is the best way to do it. Anyone getting better results with a different setting?

Did you happen to see this thead.:wink:

sorry, i always do that.

I thought I was getting crappy burns with my 1655 Benq but it seems to be close to what everyone else here is getting. Best score I got was 96 with Nero Cd-Dvd Speed but it’s usually 94 for some reason. Above is the scan of what I usually get so far with SB and WPOC on.

Hey maxx…Where is it??? :confused: :confused: :confused: As Sgt. Schultz says, I see nothing.

Great, I didn’t see this thread and couldn’t upload my quality scan just now cuz I already uploaded it into a new thread I started 40 minutes ago. Well, PI Errors total were 101,595 with a max. of 21. PI Failures total were 1328 with a max of 10. Just one spike with everything else 7 or less. Jitter avg. was 7.99% with max. of 9.7%. Quality score of 94. The dvd was 7770 mb full. I scanned it @6x. Benq 1655 can’t do 5x for some reason. Sorry I typed the stats. I know it’s lame but I messed up and started a new thread cuz I didn’t see this one. You can only upload something once in this site.

Just an FYI for you maxx…We use 8X to scan with BenQ’s in the Qual test. :iagree: