Post your BenQ DW1650 SL scans here

Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004, 16x Branded, Burnt At 12x

The Huge PIF Clump Between 3G-3.5G Maybe Batch Related.

RiTEK DVD-R RITEKG05, 8x Branded, Burnt At 8x

P.s I Just Love How My Attachments Get Randomly Jumble. :confused:

Sony Yuden000-T02-000
Burned at 12X
Solid burn off

Alan, I don’t like the scans I’m getting using BCIC on Yuden T03 (Rima). I see you are using BCDC. Have you tried T03’s using it? I’m forced to burn at 4X, should have saved money and bought T02’s. I’m thinking of flashing back to older firmware but not sure if it would do any good. Looking for any input. Thanks.

I bought 100 T03s from Rima, batch 1121 I think. I di not like them so I use T02s and love them at 12X.:iagree:

I think this is my best burn ever, quality disc and advance quality scanning:

Error MAX Totale media
1 PIE 6 8177 0.46
2 PIE 5 2623 0.15
3 PIE 3 270 0.02
4 PIE 3 67 0.00
5 PIE 2 14 0.00
PIF 4 43 0.00
PIE 8 11194 0.63
Jitter 8.7% n/a 7.76%
POE 307 1541 0.09
POF 0 0 0.00

Thanks Alan. I tend to agree. In future, I’ll return to the T02’s. The T03’s are copying well (at 4X) but not quite a good as the 02’s. It’s the few extra dollars that gets me. TY should restamp the discs. I think the 02’s do a better job at higher speeds (at least on Benq gear).

MID: [B]RICOHJPN-R03[/B] (Maxell branded) MIT
Type: DVD+R [I]16x rated[/I]
Burned with: CD DVD Speed
Burned as: Create Disc, movie image 4480MB
Burned at: 16x speed
Burntime: [B]6:16[/B] (preburn calibration 19 seconds)
Drive/Firmware: DW1650/BCHC
QSuite= default settings.

That’s DVD-R 8x
Burn Speed: 8x
SB/OS: Off

That’s Write! DVD-R 4x
Burn Speed: 8x

Not bad for cheap media, and it was overspeeded…

nice burn, i just purchased Verbatim DVD+R 16x (MCC 004) and use BCDC FW on my Benq 1650 and had my first coaster (49% quality score) (huge PIF spikes) with SB-on WOPC- on (when i looked at the surface it had rings around towards end of the disc). After reading the posts here i changed my setting to SB- off WOPC - on and got awesome results(96% score)…I burned both at 8x. I wonder if i can match the 99-98% of TY i used to get with more tweaking. Any suggestions?

Playo 16x DVD+R in 50pc spindle
Genuine Made in China MCC-004… :wink:
Burned @ 8x w/ DW1650 fw BCDC (crappy Genesys USB enclosure)
Solidburn/OS OFF; WOPC ON
Modest overburn

Plays well in computer & standalones… will test ballistic characteristics next weekend

Verbatim DVD-R TYG03, 16x Branded, Burnt At 12x

Ok Cracked Open A New Spindle Of Verbatim 16x MCC 004.
Wanted To See How My Current Burners Would Fair.

Verbatim DVD+R 16x MCC 004
Burnt 16x

That’s DVD-R 8x
Burn speed: 8x
SB/OS: Off

MBI Manufactured SIlver Top MCC 00RG200 2x DVD-R

Overspeed on. Selected 16x but got a 12x write.


Rather impressed with these, been burning at 8x but though I’d try and push it a little more.

Perfect TRT

DW1650 Test 1:
Writer: DW1650
Scanner: DW1650
Speed: 8X
MID: F16

Burned using Nero 6.6 @8x
Verbatim MCC004 MIT in 50 pcs cake box

I just got a hold of the neo-verb at office max and boy do i regret these. The worst burns I’d ever got.If anyone has any suggestion to how I can improve on the burns I’d greatly appreciate. I cant believe the crap Verb makes now. :a

PIE ~76000 PIF ~1450 (cutoff from pic)

Some got lucky with the Neo Verbs, I have bought about 4 spindles from different OfficeMax, with pretty much the same results as yours. I kinda gave up on taking chances and looked for T02’s

Intenso DVD+R 16x
Burn Speed: 8x
SB/OS: Off