Post your BenQ DW1650 SL scans here

Just for giggles, i decided to try a Plus disc out a a verbatim 16x cert spindle and i burned the following at 16x using the rebadged norwood micro drive crossflashed to latest benq firmware. Not bad for a $29 drive.

Bulkpaq 8x DVD+R
Optodisc OR8
burned at 8x
with BCDC default settings

This is my first burn with that burner, and first post to this forum.
Hardware: BenQ DW 1650 (First channel IDE Master (no other drive on this channel))
Firmware: BCIC
Media: MCC 03RG20 Verbatim 16x -R (marked with advanced azo+)
Burn Speed: 16x
default settings for the all of QSuite options

For this disc, QScan says:

but i tried to 16x writing.


Your thinks?

Hi hazar & welcome to the forums.:slight_smile:

Your thinks?
A score of 94% is considered OK and is actually quite good for a 16X scan but i’m sure, as some people will quickly point out, the quality of a burn cannot be judged purely on the % given: You should try re-scanning at 8X (which is the speed generally used for Benq drives). This should give you a better result. :flower:


How much time did the burn actually take? as the Qscan looks very bad at 16x.


Burning process completed at 9 minutes, with no drive motor slowdown. Actual speed shows 2~16x, because this compilation contains ~20000 files. (many variable-sized files and too much <10kb files - its a hard drive backup and my harddisk drive not fast enough to stream necessary rate of data) And I noticed a number times BenQ’s LED still green(not blinking). I thinking, at this time my computer doesn’t provide enough data, and disk buffer and empty because of writing process “paused”.)

As keyap’s suggestion, I tried 8x burn & scan: quality points are +1 above, and less PIE&PIFs. I think between 16x and 8x burning scans shows small differences. In yours opinion, should I change the firmware and try again or this results are enough. In attachments, you find a 8x burn & scan results. Sorry for my bad English.

Sorry for my against message, but on my previous posts scanned disc, i scanned again at 16x. Results are confusing, % is +1 above, and PIO&PIF’s have small differences.
Small differences but I to be confused. On attachments,


Scan looks fine to me, 8x seems to be better writing speed as PIF errors are much lower than 16x writing speed.

If you want to experiment, you can change the firmware. Don’t worry too much about % or variation between scans, it’s not too important most of the time.

Don’t worry about your language skills, I don’t have problems with understanding :slight_smile:

MID: MCC-004 MIT (Verbatim branded) PAPA******serial
Type: DVD+R 16x rated
Burned with: CD-DVD Speed 4.70
Burned as: Create Disc
Burned at: 12x speed
Burntime: 6:11
Drive/Firmware: Philips DVDR1660P1@DW1650 /BCHC
SB=def, WOPC=Off

Hardware: BenQ 1650
Firmware: BCIC
Media: MCC004 (Prodisc manufactured)
Burn Speed: 8x
Solid Burn for Known Media: OFF
Overspeed: OFF

Scans from BenQ 1650 at forum standard & 2 comparison scans at 6x CLV/16x CAV on BenQ 1620.

Nice Class 1 scans! :clap:

Plextor burned @ 12x
WOPC off

Plextor burned @ 12x
WOPC off

Great burn :clap: :clap:

Any chance of a batch number for those Plextors

Where can i find that number?
The’re cakeboxes of 25 pcs.

Do you mean the numbers on the dvd?
Those are TH000021 and 3N522A605443PK
Hope you can do something with these.

Do you mean the numbers on the dvd?
Those are TH000021 and 3N522A605443PK
Hope you can do something with these.
Sorry for not getting back to you quicker :o

It was the TH000021 I was looking for - there has been quite a bit of debate recently regarding Taiyo Yuden T03 media in the ‘Blank Media’ forum and it was quite interesting to see another 99% scan.

Ah. I see what you mean had not seen that yet. Thanx for the heads up.

TDK 003
burned at 12x default settings

Okay, seems I’ve been playing around too much with this one. :bigsmile:
Here Quikee’s WOPC_Tool 1.3.0 doesn’t play well together with firmware used.

Type: DVD+R 16x rated
Burned with: CD-DVD Speed
Burned as: Create Disc, burn Image
Burned at: 12x speed
Burntime: 6:24
Drive/Firmware: Lite-On DW1650 (aka DVD8801/BenQ DW1650) fw L01.
WOPC=Off, bitsetting DVD+R

Drive currently in a 733MHz box but don’t think this matter because 16x burn was okay. Anyway, although high drive load it managed to handle jitter perfect. :wink:

Good old MCC 003: