Post your BenQ DW1650 SL scans here



DW1650 Test 1:
Writer: DW1650
Scanner: DW1650,DW1640,EW162I
DISK Brand: Mitsubishi DVD+R(Bulk)
Speed: 16X
MID: MCC 004(000)


Kewl you have 1650. Thanks for the scans


Fujifilm+R 8X(Bulk,MID: TY T02) @12X with 1650 (Solid Burn Off,Overspeed on)
Scanned with 1650,1640,1620.


Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @16x

Excellent burn quailty and PIF high spikes disappeared.


I wish MCC-004 scans looked like these on my 1655… The ones I got were cheap, so I suspect it may be fake media, however they scored 93 to 96 when burned and scanned with my LiteOn 1635, so I don’t know what to think. I will be replacing the 1655 this week and re-run the tests, but so far I wasn’t impressed with OverSpeed as it went :eek: mad :eek: and oversped x4 discs up to x16 with horrible results. Hope it’s just my drive…


Verbatim +R 8x
YUDEN000 T02 @12x


sohot +R 8x
CMC MAG E01 @8x


Verbatim -R 8x
MCC 02RG20 @12x


Mitsubishi +R 8x
MCC003 @8x


TDK -R 16x
TTH02 @16x

Quality Score = 99


Mitsubishi +R 8x
MCC003 @12x


SKY -R 8x
GSC003 @ 8x

BenQ 1650 does not seem to be a good reader/scanner.

Pic 1: scanned on BenQ 1650
Pic 2: scanned on BenQ 1640
Pic 3: scanned on Liteon 165P6S
Pic 4 & 5: scanned on Plextor 755A


Just out of curiousity, are your TTH02 made in Taiwan or made in Luxembourg?


Bulk pack, made in Taiwan . :slight_smile:


Maxell +R 2.4x

Although overspeed 500%, quality still very good.


TDK -R 1x
TDKG02000000 @16x(overspeed 1600%) :clap: :clap: :clap:


Nice burn with your DW1650 BCAC !!


Burned at 12X, SB on.


Verbatim 16X +R, MIT(free gift item bundled with DW1650)
MID: MCC 004
Burned at 16X, SB off, scanned by 1610 & 1650


Verbatim 8X+R, MIJ
MID : T02
Burned at 8X, SB off.