Post your BenQ DW1620 media here

Rocky burn at 12X: MCC004 media

Hardware: BenQ 1620
Firmware: B7W9
Media: MXL RG03 (Maxell Medical Grade)
Burn Speed: 4x

Probably a write strategy issue with these, as the media is fine in all parameters when written at 8x on other drives. 4x was chosen due to the Qscan results. 16x comparison scan aswell as required forum standard speed.

Hi Alan,

When did you buy that 1620? Is it better than 1650?

My 1650 burns are becoming worst…I thought of getting a 1620…

I’m not surprised at the MXLRG03 result. The 1620 was never that great of a -R burner.

You are correct, it basicly is a +R media burner, it burns dash media but not like it burns +. If I remember correctly there was an issue with TYG02 and the DW1620.

my 1620 burned tyg02’s fine, long ago and far away

it’s probably had almost a 1000 burns/scans/rips on it, hehehe I got it back from my son, it was beige, his new case was black

there are good batches of verbatim and bad batches, alan has a very good batch

I have had 3 mediocore batches in a row

drive 2 years old bought refurb oem firmware from the egg 32$

crap 16cent blanks from staples

still burning as good as my benq 1650 that I have babied

Amazing! :clap:

Its not that amazing, I have 3X DW1620 and its my favorite drive of all the BenQ, you do not need QSuite to overspeed and its solid as a rock. :iagree:

MID: TYG02 (GG000106)
Silver Thermal
Type: DVD-R 8x rated
Burned at: 16x speed
Burned With: CD-DVD Speed
Burned as: Nero Create Data Disc
BurnTime: 5:32
Drive/Firmware: BenQ 1620/B7W9
:doh: sorry about the oversized ADQ scan

What can I say jamescooley1, your scans are always great. Looks as if you have a good one also.:iagree:

I have a few of them, all bought at different times, I have purchased a few recently though at Staples from the clearance table. They are great.:iagree:

no, I have 2 good ones :bigsmile:

Lucky guy :clap:

I see…my 1650 scans are getting worst with Mitsubishi DVDs (MCC004)

I’ll try to get the DW1620 then…cheers!

Btw…is 1620 good for burning dual layer DVDs?


I do not think your 1650 is necessarily the reason why your MCC004 scans are getting worse & using a 1620 is very unlikely to provide much improvement (my 1620 certainly does not). For DL media, a newer drive is much more better choice due to firmware support for the new media, Pioneer drives have a good reputation with DL media.

BTW, if your MCC004 media is manufactured by CMC (PAPA/PAP6 serials), can you please provide some serial numbers from the good & worse batches with PAP* serials.

Where can I get those serials and how can I know whether they are manufactured by CMC?

Use dvdinfo pro or dvd identifier to find out media id for dvd media.

Ok then…the Media code/Manufacturer ID is MCC 004 ^^

Not CMC…


If your Verbatim branded media states [I]‘Made in Taiwan’[/I] on the packaging, then it is manufactured by either CMC or Prodisc, this post explains the difference in serial numbering (look at centre hub for serial):

If the packaging states [I]‘Made in India’[/I], then the media is manufactured by MBI.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corp/Mitsubishi Kagaku Media has ODM relationships with all 3 of these manufacturers, they manufacture very little media themselves.