Post your BenQ DW1620 media here

:Z Memorex is considered low grade media. Use Verbatim dvd media instead. :wink:

Hardware: BenQ 1620
Firmware: B7W9
Media: MCC001
Burn Speed: 4x


Burned with PAP6 MCC004 MIT
12X burn speed.

Wooow alan1476, magnificent burn. :clap:

Bet this ol’ beauty beats sh*t out of your other (non BenQ) drives @12x. :cool:

My DW 1620 is my favorite drive. It does not need QSuite to burn YudenT02s at 12X and it burns the MCC004 media great. I hope it lasts forever.:clap:

I love this drive

Excellent burns alan :clap:
I wish I had bought MSI burner (Benq 1620 oem) 2+ years ago :doh:

wow Alan. That’s a nice burn man :clap: I love mine too but no way it produces burns like that.

And this is the PAP6 MCC004 that everyone said was no good.:iagree:

Great burn for those PAP6’s or PAPA for that matter :wink:

For three months, I swore by my Pio111L. Then I picked up a 1620. I’ve now learned not to swear.

For grins, I tried one of my PAP6 discs… just as bad on the 1620 as on all my drives. :Z

At which speed did you burn, ala?

Where is the “bad”?

12X, all my burns are at 12X unless I am using my LG drives with dash media, then I burn at 8X.

I agree, I don’t see anything bad on that scan.:confused:

I guess if you want a Class 3 disc, then it’s great… I expect Class 1 or 2 from Verbatim.

Would you like to swap batches of Pap6, Alan? :cool:

Just took my last 1620 OEM out of its factory packing and flashed it to B7W9 firmware and here is it virgin Burn.

Nice looking burn Kipper, I love thse drives , too bad they don’t make them anymore. :clap:

Yes, they are sweet. I feel like I was eating my last piece of candy taking this drive out of the bag. Anyways, I am burning my next project a Backup of Rocky at 12X this time and will post that scan shortly. I wish I had a few more of these new still in the bag.