Post your BenQ DW1620 media here

Hardware: Philips crossflashed as DW1620
Firmware: B7W9RPC1
Media: Panasonic -R TYG03
Burn speed: 8x

Chanser, thanks for the scans, but please scan at 8x as the forum standard and to be able to compare with other BenQ scans in this forum.

Will do. :wink:


It would seem that the batch of TYG03 you have burns better than the batch of T03. IMO, the 16x speed scans will more likely show the differences than the forum standard 8x speed ever does. If you post more scans here, posting an 8x & 16x speed scan would be more useful (once you have confirmed your 1620 is reliable at 16x speed scanning).

See this example for why I don’t find 8x scanning very useful:

This is a scan at 8x from T03.

New test disc, for some reason Nero CD-DVD won’t burn at 16x, only max of 8x.
TYG03 burned @ 8x


I noticed your T03 scan was burnt at 16x, this is possibly why it seems much worse than the TYG03 scans. Writing at 8x or 12x should help with the write quality for the T03.

Bought these discs to burn at 16x, but I’m quite disappointed at both discs. :frowning:
My old 8x media were better than the 16x stuff.
Though it’s quite possible I may need a new burner, for these 16x discs.

Anyway 8x T03 results coming up.

T03 burned at 8x.

Hey TLO…Just in the event that you missunderstood zevia, he was not saying to burn at 8X but to do your disk quality test with it set to 8X. You can burn at whatever speed you care to but the standard for the forum is to test at 8X. It’s been this way for some time now and 99&9/10th’s of us test at this setting. Therefore giving us all a standard to use and not having us all over the place with different settings. We all then have a better idea of what media will do. Other wise we’re waisting our time and disks and thus just chasing our tails.
@chanser…Just an FYI for you. We have found that even if the media is rated for 16X, the majority of the time we will get better results at 12X on 16X media. With the small amount of time gained burning at 16X versus 12X isn’t worth giving up the quality of the burn. At least IMO. This can be seen in the various speed test threads or the Hall of Fame thread.

Yeah 12x all the way, seems to hit the sweet spot.


The 8x burn on T03 looks much better than the 16x burn. BTW, what batch codes are your T03/TYG03 discs? Code is located near hub on writing side, T03 starts with [B]TH[/B], TYG03 starts with [B]GH[/B].

TH000021 and GH000073.

Hmmm, Plextor-branded T03 with the TH000021 batch code performing relatively poorly, interesting…


If you do a search for TH000021 on these forums, you will find some other scans with this batch code which are much better than what you have been able to achieve so far. Well, it would [I]seem[/I] that even discs within TY batch codes are not consistent in quality.

Nostalgia warning.

Got my hands on trusty DW1620 (now sitting in my sons no.2 box), $ntel 815PE, PIII-733 MHz, 256MB.

This drive has almost 500 burns, tortured to max (flashed 200+times) but still burning without issues… :bigsmile:

MID: TDK-003 (DVD+R 591682) made in Europe
Type: DVD+R 1-16x rated
Burned with: CD/DVD Speed
Burned as: Create Disc
Burned at: 16x speed
Burntime: 5:36
Drive/Firmware: 1620/ B7W9 WOPC=On

[I]Edit.[/I] Almost forgot the 16x Trt, sorry (done on my burning box).

Hey pinto…I think the 1620 is kill proof. Mine is still the best burner I have. Get some TY’s in there and I’d venture to say you’d once again see some of the same old 98’s and 99’s again. :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually new to the 1620 after having had a Benq 822, 1640, and more recently a 1655, I just bought a new 1620 a couple weeks back when ZipZoomFly mysteriously got the 1620/1640/1650/1655 drives back in stock. There’s been some strange issue with what appears to be random specks of grease or something similar being thrown onto some of the discs inside of the 1620, but otherwise its performance has been excellent with most media, even slightly better with some media than my 1640 that has been through a huge amount of burns, scans, and rips.

Hardware: BenQ 1620
Firmware: B7W9
Media: T03
Burn Speed: 12x

Better than my 1650 with these ones, this is one of the better ones, some are much less pretty :wink: . No read issues (so no TRT posted) and comparison 16x scan:

Is there a custom, updated firmware for the DW1620 ??? Mine has the latest version (B7W9) and now I’m having problems with the latest Memorex printable DVD+R Media. Please let me know if there is something availabe for this derive.



Hardware: BenQ 1620
Firmware: B7W9
Media: T03
Burn Speed: 12x

TY consistency :rolleyes: , similar issues on some discs on my 1650 with these so it is not the writer IMO.