Post your BenQ DW1620 media here



I thought this might help out everyone in trying to decide what media might be best to use with our BenQ 1620’s if we started posting some scans.

We can keep it clean and simple with just Type of media and what speed you burned it at and a scan.

MOD’s , I wasn’t sure if I can start this type of thread considering there is a seperate media forum but with the 1620 drive being so new I figure we might save some questions and help some people out on what media to get. If you delete it or move it let me know , thanks

Here is a scans to get use started.

here is a Memorex 8x burned at 8x DVD-R (jewel case 5 pack) RITEKG05

and a That’s 4x burned at 8x (jewel cases TY) YUDEN000T01, I can’t get more than 8x from these, I don’t know why but I have 115 more to try on.


Memorex CDRW RicohJPN


I wondered if we should have a separate thread for - media. I’d also like to see us rate the media for quality and consistency 1-10.


TDK - RicohJPN


We can keep it clean and simple with just Type of media and what speed you burned it at and a scan…

Hmmmm, I must be missing something. I don’t see the burn speed posted on any of these. :wink:

Opps! My bad, I see them with EagleClaw’s post…


Fuji TY02 at 8x


I think here will welcome 1610’s meida test too.

Burned at 8X, the 1st TY T01 Disc.


Rima TY02’s 8X :wink: :wink: :wink:


Sony08D1 8x DVD-R @16x (B7M9)


Damn, I’m using the wrong media… :smiley: :smiley:


I must be missing something here, I don’t see the option to edit my posts.

Update write speeds.
Memorex CDRW RicohJPN Rated 4X Burnt 4X
TDK - RicohJPN Rated 4X Burnt 8X

Weird this post allows me to edit but my first two don’t. :confused:


You can only edit your post in the first 30 minutes.


Thanks Hef, thought it may have been something like that.



Ritek X Series DVD+R (RicohJPN02) 8x@16x with BenQ 1620 f/w B7M9

Not really 16x though…

Smooth transfer rate graph

Nero scans turned out beautiful.



What version of CD Speed are you using?

When using the 1620, ver 3.42 will show PIF, and you will be able to scan faster than 1X.


You will be able to find CD Speed 3.42 HERE


I noticed some people are doing scans at 4X and some people are doing scans at Maximum (8X?).

I get very different results when scanning at 4X than I do at 8X.

So which speed should be used?


I scan at both 4X and 8X, depending on how much time I have. For optimum results scan @4X


Erm yeah…actually, I do know…thanks…
It’s just that I was lazy to rescan it when I got the program…LMAO…

In any case, heres a burn I just did…

Phillips DVD+R 16x@16x
BenQ 1620 (B7M9)

Not true 16x, but heck…a few seconds doesnt matter to me.

Smooth transfer graph

Sweet sweet nero scan…Can’t Kprobe until I receive my TDK AID1280B from RMA though.


I would really appreciate some more -R scans, please, please, please.

Also, feel free to post BAD scans, we can learn from that, too!