Post Your BenQ 16XX Series Media With WOPC Disabled Here

Just to keep the testing separate :wink:
TY02 @ 12x

How do you disable WOPC???

Using the new tool QSuite, bundled with the new models. Read about it (and download it!) here (look at post #25). :cool:

NOTE: You’ll need fimware B7U9 to use QSuite with the BenQ 1620. :wink:

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I ran a normal qscan on this MCC004 with WOPC disabled and it said it was ok. So I thought I’d see what happens. Total time was 5:33 fergot to save that screen, but you can see the white burn line.

Great!!! Thanks.

We can’t expect everybody to follow all the threads. Isn’t it worth giving the download link and a small instruction at the beginning of this thread? I think the moderators can make it look a little bit easier.

I guess I am thick,
but how many seconds is this saving, while disabling the most important feature of good burn across many types of media, including variations on SAME media type?

I’m with you Goudo …

oh no…i am going to see some horrid scans soon on horrid media…oh no…

Well two test both with 1620a B7U9 wopc off
fuji film YUDEN000-T02 8x at 16x
fuji film TYG02 8x at 8x
nero speed3.70

note hump in the yuden burn is not reflected in media surface Im not sure what happened there.

Right. This is why I spotted the thread where it was mentioned. Lots of informations and nice pictures there (thanks eleewhm and the others!) :wink:

About the ‘mod thing’, if you were referring to me I am not a mod here so I can’t help. Anyway, this tool is quite new… I am pretty sure that it will earn soon the right evidence in the BenQ/Philips forum.

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rescan of my YUDEN000-T02 test but this time scanned with liteon 1653

still hump but its much smaller.

“horrid” scans?
RITEK-R03 at 12x, WOPC off. Not that bad at all… :stuck_out_tongue:

elee, this media burns sweet with WOPC on, even at 16x burn speed.

Can’t post any Qtest with my BenQ because the drive just refuses to read this disc. :wink:

Just wondering, how does disabling the WOPC improve the result for poor-quality and low-speed media? Isn’t it (WOPC) supposed to reduce our chances of getting coasters? Why turn it off?

Don’t know whom you are addressing… :wink:

Sure, you will get less coasters with WOPC enabled.

But let’s try this function out, disabling WOPC, and have some fun. :smiley:

wopc is off but its on for the small time the leadin is done more like liteon or older pioneer does. on iffy media it could be more likely that one time opc setting will be better over all then wopc would over the whole thing, just a guess mind you.

pinto2…seems your media is of good quality


Qscan told me NOT to burn this disk at 16x. Guess it meant to leave WOPC ON to lmao :stuck_out_tongue: These’s no spot on the disk where the hump is either. Must just be a bad disk.

hmmmm your hump is just about the same place my hump on yuden-T02 16x burn was, how odd

@ Everyone: I started this thread so people could come look and see what the results look like. You decide for yourself whether or not to try it.
@ Pinto2: That’s the spirit!