Post your 3D mark score!

Okay, let’s have a contest!

For those with a descent connection, visit madonion’s website and download 3D Mark 2001 SE.

After installing, do the standard test (don’t change any setting!).

Done? Post your score here!

Mine is 7850 (kinda low :() on a Athlon 1400, 768MB of PC133 and a GF4 Ti4200 with 128 MB…

6572 on a AMD Athlon 1Ghz (classic revision C) and a GF3 TI200.
And 256Mb DDR-RAM.

I need a little tweaking because it’s not so high for the system

Here it is: 10158

Please post the link to madonion to compare the system with your own system

Mine is 4156… On a Duron 1Ghz 512MB SDRAM 64MB Gigabyte Radeon 9000 Pro. Seem kinda low as well :frowning:

Mad Onion Compare Link

i got 4286 running a Geforce2… i don’t know why i even bother running benchmarks though… i never play video games.

Originally posted by Airhead
6572 on a AMD Athlon 1Ghz (classic revision C) and a GF3 TI200.
And 256Mb DDR-RAM.

Thats bullshit! I have:P3 1GHz, 384 SDRAM, GeForce3 Ti200 and I only get 3913:confused: Someone aint telling the truth here…

Well i am running an Athlon XP 2200+ here, 256DDR, GeForce2Ti and getting only 4500 or something :confused:

It’s all about the DRIVERS.
(I do admit a little cheating, as my card was heavily overclocked at the moment… :stuck_out_tongue: )
Minor details… :bigsmile:

With detonator 28.90 you seem to get higher 3D marks than in other versions…

I take that score back. It was not a standard test.

Here however is the standard test, 6109 points with my card running at 215/485. It was benched using the original 2001 version, using 23.11 detonators. From what I understand the points calculated with 2001 SE and 2001 original is compatible with each other.

I will download 2001 SE and post my score then.

Okidoki, here is my scores with standard test, 3DMark 2001 SE Pro. Used 40.72 detonators this time.
5701 points.

Same but OC’ed
6224 points


What is “Detonator”???:confused:
im using the original version of 3DMARk…not SE whatever that stands for

A question for Airhead and other GeForce3 Ti200 owners:
Is it safe to overclock? Do I need to change fans and stuff if i overclock it to 200 - the default GPU speed is 175MHz, right

Detonator is nVIDIA’s optimized graphics drivers, if you have a nvidia card you should get them at

It’s quite safe to software-overclock, you can see when you have clocked to much as artifacts will start appearing in your games. Then lower the frequency. It can be a good idea to make sure you have good cooling if you intend to run overclocked all the time.
Of course you cannot overclock too much, then your computer will crash. But Geforce boards often have a good marginal from their stock clocking.

Originally posted by Airhead
Used 40.72 detonators this time.
Hmm, these are the lastest beta, are they stable enough?

I am getting a bit irritated here, you people all seem to get better 3D mark scores with slower machines. Is the graphics card (me using a GeForce2ti) able to generate a 3000mark gap?

3DMark is heavily dependant on graphics accelerator, CPU speed doesn’t make much of a difference…

Yes i know, fact remains though that a lot of others that have my card are getting significantly higher scores. I never understood why though, even if it is OCed there’s no way they can get a 7000mark with the same card… :frowning:

2471 on Athlon 900 MHz Thunderbird (200MHz FSB) and GeForce 2MX 400


7120 on P4 2.4ghz 512mb rdram ge force3 ti 200

7248 1900+ 512mb gf3 Ti200
No tweaking…