Post ten freeware applications you would consider first for installation on an all-freeware application Windows platform



I know each person will have different opinions on this depending on their personal experiences and tastes, I just want to compare my list to others for possible new ideas.
Nothing serious intended here.:smiley:

My recommended freeware list:

  1. ImgBurn
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. for Windows
  4. DVDFab HD Decrypter
  5. Media Player Classic
  6. Foxit Reader 3.0
  7. XnView
  8. CrapCleaner
  9. Avast Home Edition
    10.Comodo Internet Security (Firewall only)

Many, many more I would install, but these are a great start.:cool:


Good idea :smiley:

Without any ranking:

[li]Mozilla Firefox
[/li][li]Mozilla Thunderbird
[/li][li]Irfan View
[/li][li]Foxit Reader
and there are much more useful free tools :slight_smile:


My list (also in no order):

[/li][li]Google Picasa
[/li][li]Open Office
[/li][li]DVD Decrypter
[/li][li]Glary Utilities
[/li][li]CutePDF writer
[/li][li]Foxit Reader
[/li][li]Google Maps


[li]firefox and no script
[/li][li]avast 4 home
[/li][li]zone alarm free
[/li][li]zsoft uninstaller
[/li][li]dvdfab decrypter
[/li][li]dvd shrink
[/li][li]nero cd-dvd speed
[/li][li]iobit smartdefrag
[/li][li]advanced system care

ace money
stardock objectdock
VLC media player
revo uninstaller
crap cleaner
flash player
tcp optimizer
media code speed edit

more and more…etc


Here are some of the first free programs I put in on a fresh install of Windows.

Spybot Search and Destroy
Comodo Firewall (for XP, I use the built in software firewall in Vista)
Avast Anti-Virus
Quick Time Alternative
Mozilla Thunderbird

There are many others, mostly related to video—like Haali Splitter, ffdshow, DVDDecrypter, AviSynth, Virtualdub, etc.


No particular order

FireFox + No Script
Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware
Spybot Search and Destory
Foxit Reader



Nobody has mentioned EAC yet?

Any list that doesn’t include Exact Audio Copy is not complete.



…on an all-freeware application Windows platform.

Well you’d probably have to start with some kind of linux, as Windows itself certainly ain’t free.


Secunia PSI
Threat Fire- PC tools
Avast AV
ZoneAlarm firewall


in no order…

-[B]Mozilla Firefox[/B] (with TabScroller/ADblock Plus/NoScript extensions)
-[B]ImgBurn[/B] (my burning program of choice for DATA)
-[B]Burrrn[/B] (my burning program of choice for AUDIO)
-[B]uTorrent[/B] (if you use torrents as i think this is the best)
-[B]The KMPlayer[/B] (better than ‘VLC Player’ in my opinion and it has ALOT of configuration options to)
-[B]Avira Anti-Virus[/B] (Avast is a resource HOG and slows down my PC quite a bit as i think it’s the worst out of the freeware anti-virus apps i tried)
-[B]JKDefrag[/B] (for defragmenting the hard drive)
-[B]Foxit Reader[/B] (for reading .PDF files… much better than official Adobe program)
-[B]7-zip[/B] (best free archive application out there… it’s a good alternative to the standard WinRAR everyone seems to use)
-[B]IrfanView[/B] (for basically viewing all types of image files like .JPG etc)
-[B]OpenOffice[/B] ( a good free alternative to MS office etc)
-[B]EAC (Exact Audio Copy)[/B] (if you need to convert your AUDIO CD’s into MP3 etc this is the program of choice… you need to download the LAME encoder manually though in order for EAC to use the AUDIO CD to MP3 conversion)

-[B]DVD Decryptor[/B] (this is THE PROGRAM OF CHOICE if you got DVD Movies made from around 2005 or older)

p.s. my choise for a Firewall… i dont like Software Firewall’s, i use a Router running DD-WRT ( ) firmware.