Post something to make me smile



I really need to.




woops I swallowed my gum


:D:D:D:D need more


Going with Mr. Belvedere’s post listen to one of the jokes with this video.
Not the best working video sometimes doesn’t work & has an add .I will see if I can find a better one of the same


all I can say is


Bill Did you fart?


you guys are making my day


goodan day to you


goodan day to you( smile if you are)


[QUOTE=samlar;2545190]you guys are making my day[/QUOTE] Probably because you were very persuasive! :iagree:


Day, how about mornin somewhere-yea you could wake up looking like this .she made that face and now it stays that way.:bigsmile:Good for licking stamps


gotta smile more…

my dentist said I had a loose tooth, they seem to piece together!


this was attach to the post above it just didn’t want to go


talk to the finger




Don’t do this at home :stuck_out_tongue:


[QUOTE=marloyd;2545310]this was attach to the post above it just didn’t want to go[/QUOTE]

Somebody give that guy a hug,I’m not:bigsmile:


A quote from Buck Canon in a High Chaparral episode.
" My tombstone should read: Here lies Buck . If he don’t go to Hell there ain’t no reason to have the place."