Post PII upgrade display problems

Hi folkes

I have just upgraded my PII motherboard to the following:-

MSI KT3 333 Ultra 2 motherboard
256Mb DDR ram
AMD Athlon 2000 CPU
Geforce2MX 32Mb AGP graphics card

I have retained the original HDD,s CD, Monitor, ect

My main problem is the display on my screen is about 10-20% larger. I checked display properties and found that it was configured fot 2 monitors. Monitor 1 (enabled) is set for plug and play on NVIDIA geforce 2MX. Monitor 2 is disabled and is set for unknown monitor on NVIDIA geforce 2mx.

I have tried to remove monitor 2 but when I boot up win98 it automatically reloads it. I suspect their is a problem in the BIOS but cannot get any further.

So could someone point me in the right direction so that I have 1 monitor set up and that I can reduce the display.

thanks in advance Paragon

Sounds more like a VGA-driver problem to me… did you download the latest Detonator drivers from

get the latest drivers and change the resolution?

Its probably resolution unless you accidentally got some accessiblity option enabled. Go to Geforce FAQ to find what is the best Nvidia driver to use, I personally think its 23.11 if you don’t got GF4, both my GF3 and GF2MX works well overclocked with 23.11.

Geforce FAQ Gold