POST PICS of your CD/DVD Collections

If you would, post some PICS of your CD and DVD collection so we can see just how busy you have been:bigsmile:!

From various posts and threads, I see there are a lot of you who have recorded “massive” amounts of CDs and DVDs. I’m very curious how you keep up with that many discs. I think some of you have to rent “off-site” storage buildings just to hold all of them:iagree:. Do you keep your discs in Jewel Cases, CD Binders, or what? I’m sure with that many discs you have a system of some sort. Like I said above, post some pics if you would.

A good start would be to post a pic of your own collection…

is this a trick from a BSA undercover agent to get people to post pics of massive stacks of pirace cd/dvd´s :slight_smile:

Well I will post mine, but it isn’t much. I actually have a couple CDs in there from my Sony 1X burner.:bigsmile:


I’m really wanting to see some of the massive collections that some of you on here have. And I know some of you have them.:iagree:
You don’t backup as many discs as some of you and NOT have a :bow: Super Collection.

:cop: LOL!! :bigsmile:

ok, wen i get home i will post them, but nobody can see your collection, all we can see are cd wallets, a dlink wifi router, and some dvd-rs! :wink:

Like this?

Taken last year.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Damn, some “DVD collection” you got there Kenshin. That’s 1,200 discs easy.

Now that is a SERIOUS “collection”.:iagree: I couldn’t get the link on your first post to work, but I did see all the pics on your 2nd post. Very nice. With that many discs, how do you even begin to keep up with what you have, and where it’s at?:bigsmile: Very impressive.

Cute bunny :slight_smile:

No, most disks shown in the pictures are CD recordables. Some of them are not mine.

The number is more likely 5,000. I rarely use one-disk jewel case. South Korean real estate is very expensive and the real estate in Seoul and around Seoul is more expensive than that in Tokyo considering both cost and income per capita. :slight_smile:

The pictures only show a part of what I have had, and I very rarely make backups. :slight_smile:

That’s what my daughter laughs at and tries to hit with her small hands and legs. :slight_smile:

Kenshin, I take it you use a dedicated pc for burning?:bigsmile: Just curious.

To many disks dude :lol:

I never had such a PC though I would love one.

I don’t think I burn too many disks. I know friends in Seoul, Daejon, and Busan who burn thousands of DVD disks.

The only reason I started burning was that I was the SysOp of the largest multimedia community in South Korea back in 1999. It soon became apparent that the server storage was too small and the ISP company, Thrunet, was not keeping their promise to backup the data when necessary so I had to do something at my cost. It was not illegal at that time even though I was uploading 5GB of MP3 and MPEG-1 files in a day. I had to refrain from uploading because there were other uploaders that repeatedly made the forum out of service due to full hard disk space. I often had to make sure nothing there was illegal enough to do harm to the forum because government officials had accounts to monitor any place inside the boards and hard disks. I myself usually don’t watch TV or movies. I don’t play games so there is not real need of backup or buying a DVD player for my own entertainment.

That’s also why I have about 7-8TB HDD now and will try to have 1PB sometime. I use them as a virtual network drive for my friends in South Korea but sometimes also in other countries. There is no relationship to warez things. I’m too bold and straightforward for it.

Are you still only burning to backup files for the multimedia community you spoke of? How do you have your TB of storage setup. How many drives? If you had to buy IDE controller(s), what did you go with? Or are you using only SCSI drives?