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Since manufacturers of non-optical storage devices also release firmware updates and tools for their products, we should make it easier for our members to find them. That’s what this thread is for: Having all these things together in one thread.

The perfect post would contain:
0. Category (Tool or Firmware)

  1. Drive (HDD/SSD) model
  2. Version
  3. Download link to the new firmware
  4. Changelog (Release date and reason)
  5. Link to a discussion thread if one already exists

Please note, this thread is an announcement-only thread. All other posts will be deleted without further notification.


Category: Tool (HDD Utility)

Samsung ES-Tool 3.00g
for Samsung [I]internal [/I]HDD

Samsung HUTIL 2.10 (Predecessor of ES-Tool)
for Samsung [I]internal [/I]HDD (see list of supported drives on the website mentioned below)

Samsung ES-Win 0.6g
for Samsung [I]external [/I]HDD


[B]OCZ Wiper[/B] - Cleans and restores performance on OCZ Indilinx based SSD (Vertex and Agility NON destructive).
[B]Sanitary Erase[/B] - Completely cleans all NAND cells on [B]Indilinx[/B] based SSD (destructive - it wipes the drive clean).


OCZ Vertex and Vertex EX, SSD 1.50 firmware.
OCZ Agility and Agility EX, SSD 1.50 firmware.

Changes from older firmware.
Combine TRIM and advanced GC.
Note: TRIM will only work with Windows 7 and some Linux distro’s.
Some bug fixes, including unproved wear leveling.

You can grab the firmwares in the following link. Please make sure you read and understand the firmware update procedure.


OCZ Vertex Limited Edition (LE), firmware 1.05
This firmware is only for the Sandforce based drives (Vertex 100GB and 200GB LE).
Please make sure you read and understand the flashing procedure before flashing the drive.
[B]Grab it here[/B]


[B]Space Sniffer[/B]
Space Sniffer is a freeware tool that will show you a graphic representation of files on your HDD or SSD.
It will show what is using what, etc etc.
No need to install, it’s a portable application.

[B]Download link[/B]


OCZ have released [B]firmware version 1.10[/B] for all SandForce based SSDs.

The firmware updater runs in Windows and is non destructive.
However, be advised to backup any data before flashing the new firmware, just to be on the safe side.


OCZ have released [B]firmware 1.6[/B] for all Indilinx based SSDs.

Please make sure you read carefully from the above link before updating.


Intel SSD toolbox V2
For Intel SSDs


OCZ have launched the OCZ toolbox for their SandForce based SSDs.
[B]Grab it here[/B]
You will need firmware 1.23 or later for the OCZ toolbox to function properly.
Also make sure you read and understand the guide in the thread i linked to.

Firmware 1.23 for all OCZ SandForce based SSDs.
[B]Grab it here[/B]
Please make sure you read the thread in my link.


OCZ Sandforce 1.24 Firmware
just finish update 4 Sandforce base OCZ SSD
too many update F.W - very hard to [B]keep[/B] using it


Official Intel RST V10.1 (SATA AHCI and RAID drivers)
These drivers support Intel series 3, 4, 5, and 6 chipsets, which now include the new P67 chipset with native SATA 6Gbps support.
The drivers also support the TRIM command for SSDs which are not part of a RAID array.

Grab them [B]here[/B]


Firmware 1.32 for OCZ Vertex 2, and Agility 2.
Many fixes and also a performance gain.,_Vertex_LE,_Agility_2/


Firmware 1.32 is now available for the OCZ RevoDrive, RevoDrive X2, and IBIS series.
In order to flash, a live distro of Ubuntu is required which runs from a USB pen drive. Don’t worry about Linux being mentioned here, it is really very simple and a very safe way of flashing an SSD.

Full instructions are in the link below, and the files required.


Firmware update for the Kingston SSDNow series.

The following part numbers are affected:
SV100S2/64GZ, SV100S2D/64GZ, SV100S2N/64GZ
SV100S2/128GZ, SV100S2D/128GZ, SV100S2N/128GZ
SV100S2/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ, SV100S2N/256GZ
SV100S2/64G, SV100S2D/64G, SV100S2N/64G
SV100S2/128G, SV100S2D/128G, SV100S2N/128G
SV100S2/256G, SV100S2N/256G, SV100S2N/256G

The firmware fixes the following:

We have discovered a technical issue with our SSDNow V100 which could result in drive failure. While we have observed this issue in only a small percentage of drives, Kingston strongly recommends that a firmware update be applied to all V100 drives to prevent possible failure.

Grab it here


The title pretty much says it all. Until now Ocz Toolbox couldn’t flash the OS drive and users had to resort to alternative methods. The just released v2.35 does just that and (as of v2.33) will work with the latest Intel RST v10.* drivers by running in Win XP SP3 compatibility mode. These are two VERY welcome updates that make owning/updating the latest and greatest new SSD tech muuuch easier. Anytime you embrace a fairly new technology, the road sometimes gets bumpy…Ocz just helped to smooth it a bit. :wink:

Details here:

note: I was going to post this in the FW/Tool sticky but was not sure if regular members were allowed to post there…ofc Mods can move it if need be. :wink:


Brilliant new OCZ Linux toolbox (should work with most SSDs and HDDs)

The new toolbox supports all OCZ Sandforce based SSDs, and also the new Octane series.

[B]Grab it here[/B]

The toolbox will run a “live” distro from a USB pendrive or can be burned to a CD-R.


This is a benchmark tool for SSDs


There are new firmware updates available for Crucial m4 drives - dated 25/09/2012

010G - m4 2.5"

Version 010G includes the following changes:

[li]Improved Trim response time
[/li][li]Improved power-on-to-ready time (known as POR, or TTR for Time-to-ready)
[/li][li]Improved resume-time from low power modes, and improved reliability of warm reboot
[/li][li]Improved power consumption by disabling HIPM (Host Initiated Power Management)

01MG - m4 mSATA

Version 01MG includes the following changes:

[li]Improved Trim response time
[/li][li]Improved power-on-to-ready time (known as POR, or TTR for Time-to-ready)
[/li][li]Improved resume-time from low power modes, and improved reliability of warm reboot
[/li][li]Improved power consumption by disabling HIPM (Host Initiated Power Management)


Thanks LUK but I am concerned about this on the page you linked to bercause all my new builds ahve UEFI

This firmware update does not support UEFI. If you are using a UEFI based system please do not download this Firmware. As soon as we have a Firmware Update that will work in these applications we will release it.