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New Firmwares at

SH-W162C - TS12
TS-H552U - US09

I don’t understand Korean but looks like to be support for Windows Vista.


Also new firmware on, providing a fine list of released firmwares.
SH-S202H SB00
SH-S202J SB00


New firmware TS02 for the old, discontinued SH-W163A:

No changelog provided.

:sad: and mine is dead :sad:


Looking for a SE-S204N firmware I found some firmwares missing in my collection …
SH-S202J SB01
SH-S202N SB01
SH-S203N SB01
SE-S204N TS00
SH-W163A TS02
TS-H652J KC00
TS-H652N KC00
TS-H653B JY00
TS-H653L SC01
TS-L462D SC05
TS-L632H SC01
TS-L632M SC03
TS-L632N SC01
TS-T632A SC00


In english site of we have new firmwares for:

SH-S203D SB00
SH-S203N SB01
SH-S202N SB00/SB01
SH-S204N TS00
SH-S202J SB01


Official latest firmware fix for DVD-R lead-in (was released at 2007-07-10)

H652D KC03 (SH-S182D / Sony DRU-830A)
DVD± Lead-in Improvement

I would recommend S182D owner to crossflash their drive to this firmware (with sfdnwin -nocheck). SH-S182D SB06 doesn’t seems to fix DVD-R Lead-in yet and I think there is no further update for that drive.

I’ve done it long time ago. I didn’t post this information earlier because nobody seems to talk about this issue anymore. But I think I should share it with everyone :wink:


For SH-S182M owner (have to do the crossflash):

TS-H652M KC03
*DVD±R Lead-in Improvement (Changelog)



SH-203B new firmware SB02


S203B SB02 FB FR


New firmware for S203B SB02
The flash is intermediate 3.25.6 not the old 3.25.4 and not the 3.27.11 whatever this does.

The Firmware also has the messup in the DVD-RAM section has been fixed. As well as a sprinkling of codes not to mention whateven optimisation changes.


At there are also

New model firmwares:
SH-S203S/SE-S204S TS00
SN-S083A/SN-S083AL SB00

Older model firmware:
SE-S204N TS01


Another 2 firmware updates over at

SH-S182M (SB06)
SH-S183L (SB03)


And now SH-S203B (SB03), which is ‘nothing special’ apparently.


S203B SB03 FB FR

puff puff wipes brow :slight_smile:


[B]Sony DRU-840A SS01 (12 July 2007)[/B] - extracted from a Jan 2008 drive.

Download: SS01

[B]Note:[/B] I don’t know much about this drive, so I can’t say if they all have the same hardware.


New firmware D400 from Dell for TSSTcorp TS-L632H (slim):

  • Improve the user experience in Nero 7 application.
  • Improve Ritek DVD+RW media write quality.
  • [B]Enable DVD-RAM read & write function.[/B]
  • Improve the boot issue to compatible in AHCI mode.

Dell owners use their service tag to find the download on, others should have a look at the downloads for Vostro 1500 notebook.


New Patch Utility for Samsung MTK based DVD Writers v2.1.0

Also supports the Sony DRU-840A.

Download and discussion: Patch Utility for Samsung


New Patch Utility v2.3.1 released:

  • Now supports the “Increase 16x SL Read Speed to 18x” patch with 22x firmware
  • New “Remove video riplock” patch

Download and discussion: Patch Utility for Samsung


New firmwares for slim DVD writer
SB01 (Cable Select Low = Master setting)
SH01 (Cable Select High = Slave setting)
No changelog available.


[B]New Samsung Patch Utility v3.0.1[/B]

  • Now supports 18x drives including the Sony DRU-830A
  • New “Increase SL read speed” patch for 18x drives
  • New “Increase DL read speed” patch for 18x drives
  • New “Retain book type after eject” patch for 18x drives
  • New “Default book type DVD-ROM” patch for 18x drives
  • New “RPC1 (Region free)” patch for 18x, 20x and 22x drives
  • Fixed a 22x firmware issue. Please use this version for 22x firmware patching.

Download and discussion: Patch Utility for Samsung